Contact Group Manager released


  1. Now you can search almost all fields (birthday, name, phone number, organization, notes, address, Email, relationships, websites, etc.)
  2. Change: When using the search filters, perform bulk operations only for the search results. So you can send group messages to the contacts appear in search results.


Download the free version:


9 Replies to “Contact Group Manager released”

  1. What is the difference between the free and the full versions? Is there a simple manual anywhere? I want to be able to move contacts between groups easily


    1. Pro version additional features:

      design fully configurable (transparency, color, size)
      multiple select mode
      multiple languages on T9-search
      event notification service
      event greetings
      incoming call handling (show extra info)
      dial to confirm (before making a call you can view and edit notes)
      tab bar on top
      create appointment on contacts or calls
      sending SMS/MMS emails to multiple contacts
      when sending a group message, you can add the recipient name in the text message.
      set different for each group of contacts collation.
      regularly send text messages
      no ads

      Sorry manual is not yet complete.
      Move contacts between the group is very easy. You can use the multiple choice mode. Select the desired contact. Then press and hold any contact to open the context menu. Including options.

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