DW Contact Group Manager released


  • Add the age in the event label
  • The SMS readable
  • In the contact list to add the shortcut menu, and easily add contacts to the group
  • Edit Contact Event
  • Slide the switch number
  • Copy contacts (test function)


Download the free version:


4 Replies to “DW Contact Group Manager released”

  1. Hi, good application! I find a little bug in contact selection with non-latin (russian) names: scroller on the right side cannot select non-latin letters.

    1. Hi, now you are using the latest version? In the new version is possible, as the software when you select russian language.

  2. Hi, I don’t know how else to contact you, so I’ll write here: I love the app and I’m using it to categorize my contacts. I found a little glitch though: if you set “display contact images” in the settings, this doesn’t happen if the contact is made of 2 or more merged contacts and the first one is not the one with the picture. Example:
    – I want to merge a contact without picture that i have on the phone with one on Facebook:
    – If I select the facebook contact (or gmail for that matter) and have it joined with the other one, the new contact will have the first one being facebook and the second being the phone contact. This way your app will show the contact image;
    – If I go the other way around, meaning selecting the phone contact and merge it with the FB contact, the new contact will have the first “subcontact” without picture, and your app will not show the contact image.

    Do you think it can be fixed? I ask because most of my contacts have been merged automaticallly by the phone and I have them with the phone contact first, and then the others.


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