DW Contact Group Manager released


  1. Improve the multi-account support, support for multiple accounts at the same time show
  2. Slide the switch number code optimization to avoid pop-up menu
  3. Enhanced Call Filter, and now can block the contact is not in the phone book and non-group contacts
  4. Contact Event Notification (Pro version)
  5. Date format compatible with Exchange
  6. Event tab Quick Scroll


  1. Call Filter not working bug

Download the free version:


6 Replies to “DW Contact Group Manager released”

  1. I have a paid version of the program, how can I get the updates now it isn’t any longer in the market.
    the update here says “free version” is there a paid version also?

  2. I can’t find your app on android market anymore. I want to install on my new tablet. I have it on my Droid2 Global and really like it.

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