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DW Contact Group Manager released


  1. Remove the ads from the popular page
  2. Favorite Tab
  3. Call History Tab
  4. Show Hidden Tab in the Toolbox
  5. Prompt before Delete Group
  6. Add a shortcut menu title
  7. French support (thanks Pharaon1er)
  8. Display contacts nickname, and sorted by nickname
  9. Optimized for fast scrolling
  10. New icon


  1. Exchange Time Zone due to the date of the error, need to test. Please use the Exchange user, check whether the time is still wrong? Thank you.
  2. Error in using the nickname sort Andoird 2.1

Download the free version:


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  1. On LG optimus One (Android 2.2.2) I can’t view system group (view system group option is enabled)… On HTC Desire S (Android 2.3), all ok.

  2. Can you add a dialer and contact search with dialpad? it could be the perfect app

  3. Scroling to a letter doesn,t work with cyrilic letters

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