DW Contact Group Manager released


  1. Add Dialer Tab
  2. Bulk copy contacts to a different account (Pro version)
  3. For each “Contact View ” set a different sort methods (Pro version)


  1. Multiple problems have been found

Download the free version:


8 Replies to “DW Contact Group Manager released”

  1. I had brought your app using the earlier name ” Contact Group manager” from android market by paying $9.99. My recept is by name Digo publishing.
    But later i uninstalled it. Now i wanted to again install it and i cannot find the app. I see you are now in Android market by new name DW contacts.
    Can I get the registration code if i mail you my serial no ?
    My payment details –
    Order date: 27 February, 2011 7:18:56 AM PST
    Google Order Number: 624458638285551

  2. The new dialer/call record does not reset the missed calls counter like it does the android default dialer. For example if I have one missed call and I open the dw dialer/missed calls list, the next time I get two missed calls despite the fact that I have checked the first one through the dialer.


  3. Hi,

    Just letting you know your T9 dialer doesn’t find formatted phone numbers, which almost all of mine are. so for example if the number is “1234-5678”, it will match up to “1234” but not on “12345”. You need to strip (or normalise) formatting before comparisons.

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