DW Contacts & Phone version 2.0.4 released


  1. please take care, that you can now totally setup, what to display on your contacts in lists
  2. new selector (separated for every tab) which items to show on tab lists (inclusive 3rd line on all tabs)  (selection of: Numbers, Organization, Title, Groups, Account icon, Contact picture, SMS button, Email button, Dial button)
  3. complete rewrote tab “phone” (list+call log list)
  4. cosmetics on tab “phone” (graphics, size of icons, + picture to get more space)
  5. new option to show “call log items” on T9-search
  6. new option to “merge call log” (merge same callers)
  7. new “T9-search” option: “Use number search” (disable/enable)
  8. quick dial manager added to settings menu under Phone settings
  9. incomming call view: new option for show x-lines of notes
  10. sliding left right to change tab (start point must be begin on quite left or quite right side)
  11. rearrange of long press menu (most important functions -directly / all other under “More”)
  12. new options for background color on groups, organization, title
  13. new options for font size for 1st, 2nd , 3rd line
  14. event: display in 3rd line account icon + short name of account
  15. on creating an appointment -> round time to next 0min or 30min


  1. bugfixes on “Add number to contact”
  2. bugfixes on delete merged contacts (Modified to only delete the currently displayed account contacts.)

Download the free version:


11 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone version 2.0.4 released”

  1. Hello, great program overall! Two suggestions:
    1) Caller ID displays too many fields, including Notes, which cover up the incoming callers name. Suggest add options of what to display.
    2) Merge contacts in call log is great! Suggest going a step further and merging even if the numbers are different. If the name is selected a prompt will ask which number to dial. I miss this from my bberry pearl. I couldn’t believe it when I got my droid home and it was displaying each and every call in the log with no way to consolidate.

    1. Hello
      1) Options have been included in the Background services settings.
      1) I’m sorry, please forgive my bad English. I could not understand what you mean.

  2. Hello, just a short feedback. I really like DW Contacts as it adds missing functionality to the stock software after switching from HTC Desire to Nexus S. One thing I noticed in daily use though is when using the numeric keypad search function to filter contacts, calling one of them and returning from the call, the filter is still active, though most of the time you want to call someone else and have to delete all digits again. Maybe you can make this an option (if not change this behaviour overall)?
    (P.S. in the market description there is a typo, “dailer” instead of “dialer”, maybe you want to fix this also)

    1. Hello, Thank you for your feedback.
      Your question, I have changed in the new version.
      “dailer” Thanks!

  3. When I am sending a text to members of a group and I want it delayed, the day and time do not function correctly. They are off by a day and an hour respectively. Are you aware?

  4. Version: 2.0.4 Free
    Phone Used: Motorola Droid 2 Global
    Android Ver: 2.2

    Settings->Display Settings->Theme Settings->

    None of the color settings ever worked, even though I still had X number of times remaining for adjustment.

    Because of the bug, I used up all of my allowed adjustments. The program now prompts me to purchase the Pro version.

    Now the colors are stuck with the following:

    “Contacts” bar is stuck with navy blue

    “Relation” bar is stuck with navy blue. The group bubbles on the 3rd line are stuck in navy blue with black lettering. It is completely illegible.

    “Organization” bar is stuck with original light blue color.

    “Title” bar is stuck with original light blue color.

    Please work out the bugs, and maybe then, I’ll give the Pro version more consideration.

    The previous release worked better for me. v2.0.4 turned out to be a downgrade for me.

    1. Hello, Sorry color settings in the free version is limited to not be used.
      You can change the color settings but not used in the interface. I will cancel its “limited number” of consumption.
      Thank you for your feedback.

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