DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. New grid view (the grid size is adjustable)
  2. Dial to confirm (before making a call you can view and edit notes)
  3. Multi-language support T9 search (you can select multiple languages ​​to search)
  4. In the “Event View” add a contact icon
  5. Modify the default display contact pictures on the right side (can be configured in the settings)
  6. Large contact picture display and export to an SD card
  7. Since the definition of “quick jump” in the alignment of the screen
  8. Optimization settings menu structure
  9. handling for click on “call item” (on tab “Phone) ->now “view contact” if clicking on name


  1. Multiple bug fixes
  2. Android 4.0-compatible improvements (some features not working, please wait for the update)

Download the free version:

DW-Contacts-Dialer -

10 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone released”

  1. Why can’t the contacts be backed up to the SD card?

    Also everytime I create a backup I have to select, backup, corp sync, google etc, can’t they all be merged?

    When I scroll thru the contact in edit mode it shows all the different accounts, and all I want is the basic backup that is backed up everyday. Is there a way around this?

  2. Yet another question: I wanted to install on my eee pad, I get “this app is not compatible with your device”. Why? Because it has no phone?


    1. Hello, this is the google market filtering problem. Because the software application for the permission to call.
      You can try to download a free version of the apk files through the web site.

  3. When I installed the pro version I had to redo all my settings. I only thought after I might use the backup/restore function (would it work?), but as the app can “see” the free version, could it not pump the settings too?

    Other question: the pro version is licensed “per machine”, right?

    Regards, and Thanks for this app, I really hated seeing all those default Google groups every time…


    1. Hello Thierry
      Settings in the free version of the backup, and then returns to the Pro version.
      You can find it in Settings -> Backup $ Restore

      If you use google market to buy, you can install in your multiple devices. When using the same gmail account in each phone.

    1. Hello, thank you for your suggestion.
      I do not understand your proposal. You can do a detailed description of it?
      Thank you!

    1. Hello, in system settings -> sound settings can be turned off.
      The new version will add options in the DWC.

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