DW Contacts & Phone 2.0.8 released


  1. Add search in the “Event List”
  2. Custom “picture size” in the contact list (Pro)
  3. Custom “list separator” color (Pro)
  4. Sliding switch the phone number in the “Call History list”
  5. 1000 speed dial numbers stored (long press # or *) (Pro)
  6. Speed Dial: Use the “88#” to call phone number save at 88th area (Pro)


  1. Contact can not be displayed when the contact name is not set
  2. Android 4.0 compatibility improved

Download the free version:


8 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone 2.0.8 released”

  1. I changed some settings related to sorting (lastname first) and now no contacts are visible in my contacts. Is there a reset to default option? If not, what setting is causing this behavior? Thanks for the app. I learn new stuff it does all the time.

  2. Great app, thanks alot for sharing it with us!

    A nasty bug I stumbeled about more then once now:

    I deleted several contacts in no particular order. Suddenly it started to delete wrong ones. I definitely clicked on the right ones, but neighbours were deleted instead. I guess, there might be a problem with the dispay index/actual data index after deleting.

    Btw. it would be nice, if the delete-confirmation-requester could display the name of the contact,which is about to be deleted.

    Greetings and merry christmas!

    1. Hello, thank you for your feedback.
      I will add prompt displays the contact’s name to be deleted in the new version.
      Also check for errors.

      Greetings and merry christmas!

  3. Possible bug: while contacts display is set to display Nickname, and the contact with a Nickname already set is joined with a twitter account, the twitter feed name is recognized as one more Nickname, and that twitter-provided Nickname is displayed in a contact list instead of original one.

    BTW, is it possible to use File As field (from Gmail Contacts) as a visible name / sorting key for a contact?

    1. The first problem is too much trouble, because if the contact includes more than one name (Nickname), the database does not indicate that a name is essential.
      BTW, is it possible to use File As field (from Gmail Contacts) as a visible name / sorting key for a contact?
      This can not be achieved, because the “File As field” does not sync to the phone.

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