DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. The T9-search for phonetic languages (Japan, Korean, etc..) need to save the pronunciation of the contact name to contact the “phonetic” field. BETA


  1. Copy and paste the phone number does not work in the Android 4.0
  2. Grid view: returning always to first position, if contact viewed or whatever
  3. Filter “Ungrouped contacts” is blocking other contacts, too
  4. Chinese Lunar date calculation error
  5. Multi-touch lead FC

Download the free version:


3 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone released”

  1. Our company is ending use of 28 Nextel BlackBerry Curve 8350i phones as Sprint disbands their outdated Nextel system. We are considering the Motorola Admiral with the push-to-talk feature as a replacement. I suppose there are many hundred thousand other phone swaps that Sprint is involved with, who are presently on the Nextel System that use the BlackBerry Curve 8350I phone and the associated BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s synchronization software. We need a replacement phone and desktop software to provide the same basic functionality as the decade old BlackBerry products. Our preliminary tests of the Admiral’s native contact structure showed it as inadequate; it didn’t sort first names or organizations and didn’t display the organization’s name, if the contact was found. We also need a convenient direct local backup-synchronization of our contacts, like what we use now, as provided by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager in conjunction with the contacts list in Microsoft Outlook. We would like to have 15 minutes of your time, by telephone to ask about your purchasable DW pro software so we could determine its applicability to our consideration of a BlackBerry to Motorola swap. We looked at Deja View as another possible application software solution and don’t see all we need. We are in the communications business for 40 years and as consultants we recommend/specify your kind of software to our customers. As distributors and installers, we sell software and hardware solutions to our customers. I am also in two associations of mobile users of Nextel PTT services and would pass along our findings to others. Would you kindly call 24/7 or e-mail us to discuss this. Thank you, Charles Hart, president, Charles Hart Industrial Inc. (516) 621-3600. Please let it ring until answered.

  2. Hi, 2 things.

    When will in app SMS be supported?

    Whenever I go to the SMS tab, it’s empty, and just has the 2 buttons “Retry sending” and “Delete all”.

    After having the app open for a while, it uses up HEAPS of CPU. When will this be fixed? It’s annoying having to close the app every now and then, as it wastes the battery hard.

    1. Hello
      About SMS
      SMS TAB just shows the group messages sent by DWC.
      Used to manage the timing to send, retry the send.

      CPU usage
      Please upgrade to 2.1 and then see if there are problems. I need more information to solve this problem.
      DWC use of electricity can be seen in the battery management?
      On my phone can not see the DWC in the battery management because it uses considerably less power.

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