DW Contacts & Phone 2.1.1 released


  1. Action selection for list view on phone, contacts, favorites & grid view
  2. Added selection which name fields should be visible
  3. Added support for organization in combined t9-search
  4. Incoming call: option for color on background & text
  5. Incoming call screen dragging of information window inch. option for lock position
  6. Search filter via: +,-,| (and, not, or) on tab “search”
  7. T9-option “show first letter matches at first”
  8. T9-search speedups


  1. Fixed anonymous call filter
  2. FC in the search
  3. Dialpad input box position of cursor always to right side (after input via fill in on menu, the position was wrong)

Download the free version:


2 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone 2.1.1 released”

    1. Hello
      Google modify the API in the Android 4.0
      Cause this function can not be used.
      Can work if it isn’t grouped by date.

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