DW Contacts & Phone 2.1.3 released


  1. Modify the dial, text messaging, e-mail button action: click will call the default program; hold down the pop-up dialog box for Select the desired application.This will have the option to make a call using the “Telephone” or ” Skype “. – PRO
  2. Contact the grid view to support the display of the sub group.


  1. Contacts “Name display order” error.

Download the free version:


13 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone 2.1.3 released”

  1. In earlier versions there was a function, which made a short vibration when the other party ended the phone call. I can’t find this function in the 2.1.3 version. Did it gone?

    1. Hello, DWC does not contain this feature.
      Maybe you install other software or systems support this feature.

  2. Through a context menu works correctly. Only on 1 contact a mistake. And through control doesn’t work. Device my Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android 4.0.3

    1. This contact is what makes it special?
      I have done a test file to improve the handling of the click event.
      Can help me do a test?

      1. Sorry, long answer because it was a lot of work. My contacts do not have any features. I’m always happy to help test the program.

          1. It was the answer to your question. I wanted to tell that contacts in phone all standard.

            Your question “This contact is what makes it special?”

          2. Sorry, I do not see the entire conversation on the site background.
            I will send a test file to your mailbox.
            Thank you!

  3. In the shortcut menu is almost always works. Some contacts do not work. After setting your phone does not work.

  4. When the dialer from trying to see your call history for a contact, it shows the total call history. I choose the item “View contact history”. In general settings, too, is an option to click on the dialer to call a contact in the call history for a contact. Contacts I have over 150, but for a single contact call history is displayed.

    1. Hello
      Sorry my bad English, I do not understand what you mean.
      However, to modify click action in the dial-up interface, it should be
      Settings -> Phone the settings -> Click list entry actions

      1. This is menu i’m select “View contact history”. Still shows the history of all contacts. A story should be shown the contact.

        1. Yes, this may be a bug.
          But it works fine on my phone.
          All contacts are unable to work, or some of contacts.
          Using the same function in the shortcut menu, it can work?
          Thank you

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