DW Contacts & Phone 2.2.3 released


  1. Add desktop widgets – display contacts in the contact group
  2. Move “Incoming call view settings” to “Detailed view settings”, “Display when dialing” options at the same time add exhaled
  3. “Contact details” view supports theme settings
  4. Add call record count in the “Contact details” view
  5. Add the Merge and Split options to the “Contact details” view
  6. Add Icelandic to T9 search
  7. Add automatic group “Starred” and “Frequently contacted”
  8. Add contact detail information display UI
  9. The second language of T9 search display color settings
  10. Dial-up shock
  11. Support part of the dual card mobile phone


  1. Compatible with Android 4.1.1
  2. Multiple bug fixes

Download the free version:


17 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone 2.2.3 released”

  1. Hello! the app seems very interesting, but what I really wish for is the dual sim function: how is it supposed to work? I tried it on my gt-b5512 but I can’t understand it. I really wish it asked me which sim to use before an outgoing call or sms!

    thanks anyway

      1. generic 1 and 2: com.android.phone suddenly interrupted. try again.
        generic 3 and all other models: they only work with the pre-selected sim, even if I try to swap dial

        may I help with any other test? thank you for your help!

        1. Please try the this test file.

          Try to enter your own number in the number box, to avoid unexpected call. then use the list of each dial button. try to find one can be normal use two sim card dial.
          If found, please copy the top of the list of device information. And be able to work in the name of the list item. Send this information to me.

  2. Is there any way of ordering the list in reverse alphabetical order? We use google contacts for jobs which start with a 4 digit number so reverse alphabetical would place the most recent jobs first.
    Many Thanks

    1. Hello
      Click the Sort button in the title bar. You can set the sort. To use the the recently contacted sort may suit your requirements.

  3. Hi dwp Team,

    Yesterday i got the new Nexus 7 Tab. In Play Market, i got the Message that dw Contact and Phone is not supportet on my Tablet Device.
    I was schocked cause i love your App. Would there be a Version for the Tab Nexus 7 i Future? I hope and would pay for it!

  4. Having trouble with apps. Contacts app brings up phone dialer. Speaker phone is on by default for incoming calls. Frustrating. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hello
      DWC does not modify these settings. This may be caused by system settings. You can try to uninstall the DWC testing.

  5. Please HELP!
    I have the pro version of your app DW Contacts & Phone 2.2.3
    I can’t edit my contacts. I have try a lot of things, no success at all. I am using a Sony Xpedia Ion from AT&T.
    Please get back to me with some good news.
    Respectfully. ,

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