DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Recommended software to friends get free registration code, go to (Toolbox Tab -> Recommend to friends) for more information
  2. Contact Filter: in the sidebar you can filter contacts based on various rules
  3. Add the account automatically contact group.
  4. Allows custom single auto group needs to be displayed. — Group list -> Sort and hide
  5. Add dial the number of the last contact, and send SMS button to In call widget.
  6. Export Call Statistics (CVS format)
  7. Add SMS statistics
  8. Add big dial button on the dial pad
  9. Two dial buttons for multi-SIM card mobile phone
  10. New options:


  1. Contact details Number format failed

Download the free version:


22 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone released”

  1. “Two dial buttons for multi-SIM card mobile phone” – The capability of supporting two SIM cards in the settings turned on, but the second button, and it does not, can you tell me what else to do to make this function work?

      1. Tested. Mode two sim cards was supported by Lenovo A60, A65, P70, A500, A520, A750, S880i, A365. U8832D, U8836D, G600, U8950, TOOKY T1982, huaqin75_cu_ics2, Alcatel One Touch 991D. In the rest of the Dual sim card did not work. On my phone has a processor MTK.

          1. How should look at the interface of choice sim cards at a working version? Pressing the call button should display a window with a choice of SIM card or like it on the other?

          2. Hello
            Yes. When you hold down the dial button on the contact list. SIM card selection dialog box will appear.

          3. I’m sorry I made ​​a mistake. Please download and install the test files again.

          4. Waited looking to upgrade to finally earned a function of two sim cards, because in the test file all worked successfully. And waited for updates, all updated, but for some unknown reason to me in this function it never renewed, I am very upset because of this ….(((

          5. Hello, you’ve updated to the version yet? Please check the software version number of the software settings.

          6. Strangely, I’ve got an update on automatically play market, what to do now?

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