DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. When using a screen reader software, click dial button in contact list will display the Contact’s all the numbers for your choice.
  2. Share contact data via text before allowing select the fields you want to share.
  3. Support dialing prefixes and suffixes when using speed dial.
    For example:

    • *5*# – Dial the 5th numbers and add the prefix and suffix;
    • *5# – Dial the 5th numbers and add the prefix;
    • 5*# – Dial the 5th numbers and add the suffix;
  4. SMS sending functionality in the contact details
  5. Multi-SIM card mobile phone, in the call log displays the corresponding SIM card number. If the displayed number is not correct, select Settings -> Detailed view settings -> History -> Swap SIM card number
  6. New options:
    • Detailed view settings -> Contact details -> Tab settings


  1. Fix text repeated failures in the contact list

Download the free version:


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