DWP DW Contacts & Phone


DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. The new settings list after the Android 3.0 version
  2. Add "Edit Notes" long press menu in the contacts list
  3. In the Phone tab, full keyboard contact search ignores
  4. T9 search supports furigana (test version)
  5. Add contact reminder (Contact details -> Event)
  6. New options:
    • Phone settings -> Reverse List (make the best match
      results from your fingers recently, when using T9 search)
    • Contacts settings -> Open Quick-jump on startup
    • Search Settings -> Search history (you can turn off
      search history)
    • In call widget -> Speak numbers


  1. Error in Recommend to friends
  2. Exception in VCF Import


  1. Optimization Dialer
  2. Backup selected contacts to VCF file (contains the contact
    group information)
  3. Restore contacts from VCF files
  4. Send SMS to the selected call history
  5. Add a reminder in the call log notes
  6. In the sidebar to navigate to the sub-group
  7. New options:
    • Detailed view settings -> In call widget -> Read out
      the Caller ID (This requires the system has been installed TTS
    • Detailed view settings -> In call widget -> Save
      notes to the contacts (Allowing "In call widget" Edit contact
      notes, rather than call log notes)


  1. Now you can write notes for each call record
  2. Optimization of Batch Speed
  3. Adjust contact details layout
  4. Multi-selection mode in the address list
  5. Dialpad width adjustable (suitable for large-screen mobile
    single-hand operation) - How to use, refer to How to use Multi-Touch


  1. Binding numbers to the SIM card. When dialing, the SIM card
    used is not specified, the binding SIM card will be used. (Via the
    contact details - long press phone number, to set the desired binding
    SIM card)
  2. Add SIM select in the dial confirmation window
  3. Multi-selection mode in the call log


  1. USSD does not work fault
  2. Hide the title bar does not work fault
  3. Call record type icon is missing fault

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