DWP DW Contacts & Phone


DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Add "Agenda List" in the "Toolbox"
  2. Add call log filters in the "Contact details"
  3. Show missed call ringing time in the call log
  4. Hidden "Account data settings" is not selected account data in the "Contact details"
  5. Show contact events in "Details TAB", if the "Events TAB" is hidden
  6. Use high-quality pictures in the contact list


  1. "Endter" button event is not passed to the "Dial TAB" list
  2. FC problems, When using an external theme, create a desktop shortcut to a contact without avatar


  1. Click the TAB has been selected to start search
  2. External theme support Download
  3. Custom SIM card name
  4. In the event tab of contact details display call records reminder
  5. Support for displaying high-definition images in the contact details
  6. New options:
    • Dialer Settings -> Automatic confirmation delay


  1. Widget title text loss fault
  2. Possible problems in call blocking reminders
  3. May lead to excessive battery consumption Bug

Download the free version:


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