DWP DW Contacts & Phone


DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Add "Unknown" in the Organization and Title list
  2. Add Romanian in T9 search
  3. Add Settings button in the Toolbox TAB
  4. New options:
    •     Backup & Restore -> Automatic Backup -> Export to multiple vCard files
    •     Search -> Restore state when restarted


  1. Fix custom SIM name can not be save the faults
  2. Fix when using SIM 2 make a call the call records are not updated the faults


  1. Unlimited call logs
  2. Add "Clear frequents" in the Favorites tab menu
  3. Add batch set contact picture in the multi-selection mode
  4. Improved behavior of dial pad after Talkback open, you can now hold a number button to start "Speed ​​Dial"
  5. New options:
    •      History -> Delete old call logs


  1. Fix faults in the dial pad


  1. Segmented loaded agenda, Merge "Contact events" to "Agenda" tab
  2. Using the SIM icon in the call log
  3. Show "Toolbox" menu item, if you hide the "Toolbox TAB"
  4. Dialpad behavior improved after Talkback open
  5. Add support default number in vCard
  6. New option:
    • Theme settings -> Phone dialpad settings -> Hide Menu button(Allow to hide the menu button on the dial pad)


  1. Fit of new devices without the menu button
  2. In the toolbox to add the "Create Shortcut"
  3. New Options:
    •     Contact Details -> Hide section
    •     Backup & Restore -> Automatic Backup


  1. Now you can edit the auto group icon
  2. Adjust the layout of the history list
  3. Adjust "Hold the dial button" behavior, support SIP, Video call (test function), Automatic redial (test function)
  4. Add "Call using …" In the long press menu
  5. Direct dialing from the lock screen contacts widget
  6. Add Agenda app widget
  7. Arrange Favorites (Press the Menu button and then select Arrange mode)


  1. Fix "Number input box" text does not show a fault in Android 2.3


Download the free version:


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  2. Hi Devin. Sorry I should have mentioned that I had seen that option in the menu and selected it but the full names are still being displayed rather than the nicknames. The new update today still doesn’t seem to have solved it.

  3. I downloaded the free version of this app on my Samsung galaxy s4 but it won’t display the contacts by nickname (or sort them by nickname). Is this a feature only available on the pro version?

  4. This comment is in continuation of our conversation over email regarding dialpad issues with TalkBack. I have to post it here as my reply mail somehow bounced.
    The issue is not really with the “long press” option, it works
    alright. Though adding half a second to the trigger time may not be a
    bad idea.
    The issue is with dialing a number that is not there in the saved
    contacts. For example, if I have to dial 9744460983, then being a
    blind user, I have to slide through the dial pad to find the relevant
    numbers and then lift the finger on what I want. Now what is happening
    with DW dialer is when I slide the finger over the dial pad, without
    lifting the finger, some numbers get dialed. When I slide through the
    dial pad, it can happen that my finger would move outside the dial pad
    area, then even though I don’t lift the finger, the digits at the top
    row, digits like 3 and 1 often gets dialed though I don’t lift the
    finger at all.
    I don’t know why is it that you are unable to reproduce the problem on
    testing. Perhaps it is an Android version issue? The phone I use runs
    4.2.1, and the Galaxy Mega of my friend on which I tested runs 4.2.2.
    Or else it could be because you are able to see the numbers on the
    dial pad and put your finger on the exact spot and lift the finger.
    Perhaps you should just put your finger on say # for example, and
    without looking at the dialpad at all, just slide along. If you slide
    up and go beyond 3, you should be able to see that 3 gets dialed even
    though you don’t lift the finger at all. If you move in an angle from
    say # to 1, it is entirely possible that some of the digits in between
    like 8 or 4 could get dialed even without you lifting the finger.
    The in-built dialer of my phone is not accessible, that is why I moved
    to DW in the first place. I very much like the contact manager even
    now, but the dialer has become a real problem.
    Hope it would be resolved at the earliest.
    Perhaps giving those users who like the tap to dial feature the
    additional option to do things that way would be the best solution.
    Hoping for a quick solution,

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