DWP DW Contacts & Phone


DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Repair the fault in the automatic redial


  1. Dual SIM devices are added [Generic 4]
  2. New call filter category [Unknown contacts]
  3. Supports the creation of [Quick dial manager] shortcut to
  4. Click the email address save to Contacts


  1. Avoid timed messages are displayed in the records
  2. Repair faults in the call filter

  1. New collation: Long time not contacted
  2. The new call record filtering method
  3. Add the "Add Reminder" in long press menu
  4. Fault repair
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  1. Quiero los numeros del tel.

  2. What happened to the Theme called Early White? Just done an update on my tablet and this (and the Black equiv) have disappeared! How do I get them back? I have a paid for version.

    • Hello, I’m sorry that they have been removed and replaced with business theme.

      • Devin this makes 3 you wrote 3 people will get early black and early white back I’ve have used early black for years please re add early black and white


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