Contact Group Manager app manages contacts by groups. With our app, you can contact a group of individuals on a list. We offer different ways of organizing contacts into groups.

Grouping contacts in a number of ways:
* manually create a custom group
* group contacts by their organization
* group contacts by their title or function within the organization
You can send Email & SMS/MMS to these groups and set group ringtones.

Find contact in a variety of ways:
* Search by Name
* Search by Organization
* Search by Title
* Now you can search by almost all fields (birthday, name, phone number, organization, notes, address, Email, relationships, websites, etc.)
You can now do a voice search

Sync Gmail contact group (you need to first create the group and synchronize again. and then add contacts to this group)
Groups Call Filter (you can customize the intercept time and day of week)
Desktop shortcut group
Group icon
Contact birthday supports format of Lunar calendar
Contact relations view, click on tab to quickly switch between organizations and groups

Support Layered display of sub-groups
Change the name of group to the following formats:
English “.” separating the names of groups will form multi-layer group.

For more features, please download and try our app.
We listen to your suggestions, and continue to add more features to our app.


If you find software error, please contact me. I will correct the error as soon as possible.

When you see contact list order messes up, and you are not using the default contact name sorting, it could be because of “some of the contacts” first and last names not saved separately. Please go to “Edit Contact screen” and check.

If you do not want the software running in the background, go to settings select the “Background Services”, then deselect “Enable background services “.

If you upgrade your app to a newer version and it fails to boot, please try to uninstall and reinstall our app.

Recent Changes:

  • Add language setting
  • Set add “background services”switch option
  • Prompt before exiting
  • Improve the contact search
  • Sub-group of contacts automatically included in the parent group
  • More sort of contacts, according to “Last time contacted” and “Times contacted” sort (in the paid version can set different for each group to sort)
  • Correction: Russian search is case-sensitive issues
  • Correction: When the e-mail address with special characters problem of bulk mail error

(contact group address book sms email)

111 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if it was possible to export the ‘Notes’ taken and saved on calls with DW Contacts to an MS Excel spreadsheet for call reporting purposes?


  2. Hello,
    I am using DW Contacts (paid version) for a while. Now I am using NextCloud and CardDav Sync. The address books are shown, but not the contacts. The contacts are synced and do show in the normal Android contact app. But they do not show in DW Contacts. I checked all settings (show all contacts etc.). Can you help please? BR Werner

  3. I find it cannot display incall widget whel call out or receiving imcoming call

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MTK

    1. If the system provides the interface is displayed in the top layer will override the In call widget. You can check whether this is because of this; by setting the delay to close the In call widget.

  4. Recommend to friends.

    I had beg and gotten 8 user to download and put my code 3549 into the system, but i yet to get any confirmation code, they only have a registration check button

    how does this work?

    by now i should have gotten my registration code to since the t&c is only to recommend 8 users?

  5. I just purchased the Pro version.
    And not able to use it to receive calls or dial out calls.
    When I receive call the base Samsung Dialer receives the call and when I dial out it asks to choose the app (Samsung Dialer or Skype) but DW Dialer is not in the selection options

  6. i got it to work, i did not hit in the “top selection box” when i changed color in the box below as to save it.


  7. Hi nice app,

    I have had the Pro for a few years now.

    however, I just got a new galaxy 3 and the contacts synced nicely w google.

    I tried to change the theme colors but it will not allow me to do different colors?

    it will change when I change the “theme” to or black or white.

    i have the pro version 2581

    do i need the free version on the phone as well to change colors?

    when i select a theme color, early white etc, then i go down in the list of colors and change them to some other color, but hitting return within the color selection box reverts back to the set color for the theme. it seems to be locked to the theme colors al the time.

    I want to add different colors.

    pls help

    1. Hello
      You can add a call log notes in [In call widget] in a call.
      In the call history list, press and hold the call log select Edit Notes.

  8. Hi
    good app, especially because in multiselect for sms you see for each phonenumber (a contact can have more!) the description (e.g. mobile, home….) AND customiced descriptions are displayed with the right description! ( not only ‘custom’ or something else like most other apps!)

    but one suggestion
    if you multiselect for sending sms there is always the mobilenumber selected.
    Is it possible, to preselect the default number (could be a customiced description)?

    thank you

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your suggestion, I add options in the choice of number interface, and then you can select a category number, or the default number. In the future.

  9. Overall, an excellent app app!
    Bug notice:
    If a Gmail Contact Group contains a non-alphabetical character such at the period in “Ft. Collins”, only “Ft” will show in the Groups list. Tapping on “Ft” will then open another window with a “Collins” entry displayed. Tapping on “Collins” will then open the list of contacts in the group.

    1. @Adam: Thats not a bug but the reason I bought this app, there is an option somewhere to enable/disable this. I think there is another option to display contacts at all higher levels of the group so that ones in A.B.C” will also show in “A.B” and “A”

      I’d say there should be an option as to which characters create this behaviour so we can define our own, it could potentially replace the existing on/off switch if it allowed us the define 0 or more characters of our choice.

      1. Thanks for the info! Instead of trying to find the setting to disable the feature I just took away the periods instead and Ft Collins displays fine.

    1. The Pro version can work in nexus 7
      But Google play because the The DWC application telephone privileges that DWC can not work in the phone function of the device does not contain.
      Now is no workaround.

      1. Strange. I have tablet with no telephone function (Nextbook 7 SE 7F12D) and installed your app because I need my contacts in it. and it works! thanks for the job! I might buy it if all works fine.

    1. It wouldn’t hurt to mention the issue you are having, the responses you’d get would be 1002.5% better…

  10. Nice app, congratulations !
    I would like to sugest a feature :
    Fomarting parameters for dialed numbers, eg : In my country the pattern is
    XXX XX XXXX XXXX and I know Patterns changes for each country, so if the user can edit the pattern woul be great.

      1. yes.
        But I use dashes all the time when i create new contact. It is more helpful. Different contacts could have numbers in different countries with different formats. one could have +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and another +XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX

        1. Hello
          This problem has been improved in the new version If the back is not formatted. The DWC will attempt formatted in the contact details. If you have already formatted, DWC will keep your input format.

  11. Great Application!!
    Why You don’t add an ability to See and Change “Default phone number” in Contacts?

    1. Hello
      Contact detail view, press and hold the desired number. Then in the pop-up menu, select Set as default.

      Can not see the default number in the black theme. This is a bug. I have to fix it.

  12. Hi

    I really like using your app and its cool.

    I have a suggestion for you – in other apps when I like an app I recommend the app through the buzzdoes (www.buzzdoes.com) button that many apps has today – it is fun and rewarding for me and it makes the recommending very easy – I think you should add buzzdoes to your app.

    thanks and keep on rocking


  13. Nice App – love the ability to use without Google. -I’m not sure if the latest update changed or Google has but when I “add” a contact, I do not seem to have a choice of which account the contact gets added into (google, phone, verizon, etc). it will only let me add into Google. I then have to duplicate it into the desired account (phone) and then delete the Google entry.

    Thank you

    1. Hello
      Maybe you just update the system. DWC did not provide contact editor. It uses the system to provide the contact editor. Before you see the Select Account interface is the contact editor.

  14. Serbian cyrillic symbols do not show on the dial pad even though it is checked in Language for T9-keyboard. Other cyrillic languages (Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Russian) seem to be just fine – aren’t quite interchangeable with Serbian, though.

    Is there any particular reason for this?

    1. Hello
      Does not display them because they and the English letter difference is very small. But you can search to them.

      1. Being a Serbian, you should believe me when I say that Serbian cyrillic letters are as much different to the English alphabet as the other cyrillic languages that you support in your (fine) application (Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Russian).

        As far as searching my contacts is concerned, which are all in Serbian cyrillic, by using the English alphabet – it does not work (I have tried that). In fact, where Serbian letters are the same as letters of some other cyrillic languages that you support, search works fine, but none of the other cyrillic alphabets that you support covers the entire Serbian cyrillic alphabet.

        All in all I am not disapointed with my other, default, dialer, but it lacks fast (dial pad) search in cyrillic, which is the main reason I tested your app.

        So, if you would add Serbian cyrillic, it would be much appreciated (by myself certainly, and probably by many others in Serbia). Though I certainly am not a programmer of any kind, should you decide to support Serbian cyrillic alphabet, I wold be glad to help you in some way I can.


  15. Licence check corrected (probably long ago), thank you. One more thing – can you remove SMS records from phone card? Its may be problem only on SGS3, which I have and where are SMS in call-logs.

  16. Can you please remove license check, when phone cannot connect to license server? Its very annoying to scratch that stupid message, when I’m disconnected from net and I’m disconnected 95% of all time… Thank you very much.

  17. Can’t get advertised feature to work:

    + support for all account types (LOCAL, gmail, exchange, …)

    Need LOCAL file to contain contacts that are never sync’d to Google Contacts and never sync’d with other contact applications in phone. Attempted to deselect Google and PHone contacts in Account Data dialogue in Settings. Deselect never saved. Is this a pay version feature or program bug ? Running in Android 2.3

    Please let me know.

    1. Hello, local contacts, said contacts will not sync to the server. They also savings in the contact database. Creation of local contacts can be completed by the stock contact (some phones not supported). DWC do not have this feature. DWC contact replication can copy contacts from other accounts to the local contacts. Please try.

  18. Hi,

    Would it be possible to filter contacts for picking to only include those with email addresses?

    I am talking about when the application is launched by another application with:

    startActivityForResult(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, Contacts.CONTENT_URI));

    This could be done by setting an extra on the intent, or some other way. Whatever way, it would be great for building the recipient list in an email application.

  19. Hi,

    In general love the app. I was thinking about paying for the PRO version until I noticed it was $10 or so. Please consider creating a PRO and a more expensive BUSINESS version.

  20. Thanks – GREAT.
    Many users ask for some things to add:
    – switch in FILTER – black\white list;
    – separate colors for both languages in dialer.

    1. Hello! Now, do not support the backup. Will be supported in future releases.
      Now you can try to back up contacts to gmail service.

  21. I downloaded the free version to try but it seems more like a trial version since it keeps telling me I have only a few trys left. I’m trying to sort contacts by last name fromt he icon on the main screen or from settings but it won’t do it. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Also, on the free version, the A-Z list does not function. Selecting “W” does nothing and the contacts remain on the “A’s.” I keep trying to sort by last name but it has timed out and can’t try it anymore. Of all the functions I want to use, its sorting by last name. When dragging the slider bar down the side of the contacts to a certain letter and releasing the slider, it does not take you to that location. When the slider indicates I’m in the “L” names, the contacts show are those in the “T.” If I’m viewing the contact list and I allow the screen to rotate by mistake, the contact list is moved back tot he top of the A’s. Frustrating. I can no longer test this since it has timed out so can’t buy it unless I know these work. Are there some other settings that will allow these to work?

      1. About A-Z This is a bit strange. Should be no reason to be a problem. You can uninstall and reinstall the software to clear the “trial counter.”

    2. Hello, you can modify the settings. “Title bar button” is just a shortcut.
      Not based on “last name” sort contacts. Is it because the contact’s “last name” and “first name” is not stored separately?
      Try setting the contact name is displayed as “Lastname first”.

      1. I unistalled and installed again but there is no change. I have changed all the settings to sort by Last Name but it won’t work. The A-Z and other issues still exist. My contact names are in separate fields, fist name and last name. This is my biggest beef with Google, not allowing to sort by last name. I was hoping yours would do it.

    3. I am on a limited budget. Because of that my phone data plan only allows me 200MB. Once I get DW are there data charges each time I use it?

      Next, – I am using an HTC inspire 4G 2.2.1. Has your app been working well with bluetooth headsets? It is important that I can dial by number as well as dial by name. Fill me in on how well your app does with bluetooth headsets.

      Thank You,

      Dean (Indiana, USA)

      1. Hello, Dean
        DWC will not use the network (in addition to the free version of ad, it is not commonly used interface in general you will not see it).
        For voice dialing, this is not the function of DWC. It is the android system comes with features. I want HTC inspire 4G should work.

  22. I have phone books (contact lists) in Google and Yahoo. I do not want to mix these two phone books. Does DWP handle this? Can I have multiple phone accounts with separate contact list files?

  23. Purchased was the program of the Contact Group Manager Date of the order: 27.02.2011 12:06 GMT+02:00
    Order number Google: 916239519675430. The change of the firmware and the program is not in the market as the purchased software, available only free version. And this is not the first time. How to be? Thank You.

  24. I love your app and intend to buy the full version but have 1 major problem.
    The app will allow me to edit some contacts but not others. I guess it is a situation that some call “read only” but we all need to edit contacts sometimes! Help!

    How can I fix so that ALL contacts can be editted?

    Please advise.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello, I know that an application “Contact editor.” You can try it, perhaps. Now, DW does not include editorial contact function. It calls the stock Contact editor.

      “Read-only contact” should come to the third party “Synchronizer.” Their changes, may be synchronous reset, losing your changes.
      I suggest you use DW’s “Copy contacts” feature. Copy these contacts to your Gmail account so you can edit. Then edit.

  25. Hello, thank you for your app) I need little help.
    I can’t figure out how to add nickname to contact. Where is it?

    Thank you,
    from Russia))

      1. Ok, thank you)) I found it, I was trying to add new contact with nickname and couldn’t find it. But when I synchronize with my google contacts with already added nicknames, they do appear in DW.

        Great app!

      2. Strange, didn’t save my reply, ok, I’ll start again))
        I finally found nicknames, thank you. Trouble was when I tried to add new contact in DW, so I just added it in google and then synchronized – nickname appeared.
        Now I can sort my contacts exactly like I wanted.
        Great app!

  26. Hi! I’m still using a BenQ-Siemes phone which offers me an essential(!) functionality: I’m able to define a VIP-group (e.g my very old parents), which is the only group able to wake me up in the night, when my phone is switched to the “night”-profile. For all other contacts the phone is only blinking, no sound, no vibration! Is DWP able to support this request? I would like to change my phone, but only if I find a solution for this “must-have”!
    Thanks in advance, Erhard.

    1. Hello
      Now “Call Filtering” function can be partially completed this function. But setting up more trouble. Because it does not support the white list.
      I will complete it in the next version, thank you for your advice.

  27. I’m looking at contact managers to replace the functionality I had with my blackberry. I have all my contacts in an Excel spreadsheet and need to know how to import from excel and map to specific fields. Does DW Contacts or the Pro version allow that?

    1. Hello
      Sorry do not have this feature, the software does not provide synchronization tool.
      Try them first into Gmail.

    1. Hello,
      Prior to the 2.0.0 version. In the main menu contains these options. But it was too unsafe, I add a Tab will show all the contacts to send to voicemail then I will restore it.

  28. Hi, I love this app but is there a way of setting the phone screen (with it’s dialer) to display first instead of the contacts screen? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello here you can change
      -> “Display settings”
      -> “Tab settings” ->
      -> “Default tab” -> -> selection dialog

  29. first, thanks for the app, could not do without it!

    but, there is couple of things i would like to see in near future 😉

    i somehow managed to assign “default photos” for all contacts in a group with my old (wm6.1) phone, and get used to it. your app only let me set a group-icon, witch wont do it for me. i have about 100 contacts just for my colleagues and i like to see our company-logo as “contact photo” when random colleagues call me. (should still be able to use photos of ones that i have a real photo)

    another thing i have been playing in my mind is also related to our company, as we have sequential phonenumbers, about 300 of them, i would like to see somekind of wildcard or range system to assign ringtone/company-logo also for numbers that i dont already have saved to my contacts.. so i dont need to know who is calling me, but i would know in advance that it is work related.

    that later one might be a bit overkill, but i cant be only one “dreaming” about it.

  30. Hi there

    I checked out this application with Privacy Inspector and it mentioned that the software uses the permission: Read_Phone_State.

    Is that also the case with the paid version or does it not need that permission since advertisements are removed?

    Also, is there a way to pay for the application without using the device (i.e. via a PC) for security reasons?



      1. Hi again

        I purchased the software but Privacy Inspector mentions that the “Read_Phone_State permission is still accessed despite now being the paid application.

        I’m not keen on the application tracking my usage, and wonder why it would still be there in the paid version if ads have been disabled?



        1. Hello
          The main difference is that no permission “FULL INTERNET ACCESS”.
          About “Read_Phone_State”, which is used to display the caller information, etc. contact the organization, as well as for call filtering.
          These functions need to know the phone in the state, whether in the ring.

          1. Hi there

            Despite having purchased the pro version, I keep getting a “Licence check failed” message. Any suggestions what I can do?



          2. Sorry to bring you the trouble.
            Make sure that you can now access the Google Market. In my application can be seen DWC, and then try to start the DWC.

            If the problem still not solved. Please send your serial number to me. I can send a registration code to you for free.

  31. Would it be possible to get an option added to keep the bottom tab bar open when on the Dialer screen?
    Id like to use it as my default when i click my phone icon, however i hate having to push back 3 times to get to the tab bar so i can switch to the groups view.
    I know i can just open the DW Contact app and do this, however i like to be able to just hit the phone button thats always at the bottom of my phone rather than having to navigate back to the main screen to hit the DW Icon…

  32. Hi,

    – Do I have to pay again when there is an update version released?
    – I have activated Show Organization in background services & notification, but sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Why?


    1. Hello, upgrades do not pay again.
      Not shown Organization. For some time the system may require more memory. This led to “Android” forced closure of a background service. Until you again Open Applications it be restarted.

        1. I will try to solve this problem in the new version.
          Inspected once every 10 minutes whether the service is stopped. If stop automatically restart the service

  33. I have downloaded your free version.
    (I have SonyEricsson xperia x10.)
    When I connect a contact to a group, then the contact is no longer available in the standard contact register in the phone and not under “Contacts” in DW.

  34. Hello!
    Your Contact Group Manager is only ONE among others that allows search in a Note field. Thank you.
    I have encountered some problem with search function which appears to be case sensitive to russian words but only in a Note field.
    Search by Name, Organization and Title works perfect.
    Search in a Note field in English also gives proper results.

    1. Hello, Thank you for your feedback. This is because the database does not support the russian’s case-insensitive search. I will think of other ways.

  35. Hello I purchase your app for my android phone I did not receive a registration key.
    it took me a long time to fine your company online. I also was not able to add new contact to the app or fine the contact after I have add them through your app but I was able to fine the added contact in the phone. I like your app and wish someone will help me.

    1. Hello, if you use “Google Market”Buy Pro version. Will not need registration code, in your cell phone now includes two versions of the software, the paid version and free version. Please uninstall the free version using the paid version. Thank you.
      Regarding your other question, I do not understand. Because my English is not good, use simple language to describe it. Sorry!

  36. Dear Mr. or Ms.
    This is Hanwoo Kim in Korea.
    Thank you for your convenient app(contact group manager).
    I can’t find Korean version.
    I want to translate your app.
    If it is available, please contact me.
    Thank you

    From Korea

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