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  1. Hi,

    Registered user here. Thanks for the best contacts app by far. (All other seem to be copies of the stock Android).

    A issue question and a couple of requests:
    a) Is the event notification for contacts broken in the lastest version? Is not warning me about birthdays (i have the option checked)

    b) Request 1) Can you add a new way to sort contacts? Sort by Favorite contacts. Basically he would first list the favorite contacts (alphabetically) and then all others contacts.

    c) Request 2) Can you add a bar at the top or bottom of the dialer with the most used (or favorite contacts) like the sony dialer does? that would be a time saver

    Thanks, hope you can continue the great work on DW!

  2. Sorry, For sure has been asked kazillion times
    I woud like to assign some contacts to Skype, some to a SIP dialler and the rest to normal network.
    Is this possible? Is possible to assign skype”dialler” to a group, Zoiper to another and have the phone for the rest?
    Thank you in advance

  3. cannot work with NOVA launcher’s miss call? no miss call from DW Dialer.
    any solution?

    LG P880 4.12 NOVA Launcher 2.2 and TeslaUnread 2.2

  4. What will be the phone settings for voice call
    a) current network
    b) Always Ask
    c) Sim 1
    d) Sim 2
    to use dual card support by your software which shows 2 Dial Buttons but when I select Always Ask it ask for sim whether i dial with any dial button when I select Sim 1 or Sim 2 it dials with the sim card selected whether I dial with any dialbutton and same happens in Same network ( 2 different dial pad dails with same network).


    Vishesh B Singh

    • Hello
      In looks, the system takes over all your settings. DWC could not direct dialing.
      Please try a different operating modes in the “toolbox” ~ “Dual SIM Configuration”

  5. Hello, a time ago I bought a PRO version. But I had to change a mobil and I don’t know how to apply a registration to this new mobil. Could you help me? Please…
    Btw, my payment confirmation number is 77488866XE745244V.

  6. Favorites View Settings -> Show most contacted below… – Not works properly…
    “Most contacted” not updates – it shows Same(old) contacts all the time…

    • It can be updated after restarting the phone?
      This may be a system problem, often associated contacts marked in the database by the system. DWC just loads and displays them.

      • I checked Phone Favorites – it shows correct sorted… Starting most called than decreased. So DWC not loads it.

        • Hello
          I did not know is the sort of problem or did not show.

          • DWP don’t update “Most contacted” – it use old(expired) sort

          • I deinstalled previous version. Backuped, installed and restored settings.
            Still the same: DWP don’t update “Most contacted” – it use old(expired) sort.

          • BTW I use 2.3.6 Android

          • Hello
            I did not know is the sort of problem or did not show.
            Please reinstall using the default settings. It is easier to determine the problem.
            If possible please do the screenshot easier for me to understand the problem.
            Thank you!

          • Reinstalled with default settings.
            Contact 1
            Contact 2
            Contact 3
            DWP “Most contacted” WRONG order(sorting):
            1. Contact 8 – 1 call in History
            2. Contact 12 – 7 calls
            3. Contact 38 – 0 calls
            System “Most contacted” correct order(sorting):
            1. Contact 34 – 41 calls in History
            2. Contact 4 – 39 calls
            3. Contact 29 – 36 calls

          • Hello
            Press the menu button, select Sort order
            Then you can define the list of sorting methods.
            Depending on your requirements. Should choose “Frequently contacted”

          • I wrote to You – Sorting NOT WORKS!
            “Frequently contacted” – Not works!

          • Hello
            The modifications Sort need to press the menu button in the corresponding list. Then select Sort. If you are in the settings to modify. Maybe you do not have to find the right place.

          • You dont hear me. I know: 2+2=4.
            Better try to hear me: DWC DO NOT loads(not refresh it!) “Contacted History” from System.
            It use OLD “Contacted History”. SO it Sort: that OLD Contacts list.

          • I even cleared Dalvik-cache And “DWP Application data”. DWP loads “same OLD contacts” ander Favorites…

          • Hello
            Sorry for my bad English. Maybe I do not understand what you mean.
            Is that true?

            Recovery DWC to default settings
            Go to Favorites TAB
            Press the Menu button
            Selection Sort order
            Select Sort -> Recent contacted
            Switching Favorites tab to list view
            Dial the second contact’s phone number in the list
            Hang up the phone
            Last dialed contacts will be sorted to the first

            This does not work on your phone?

            If I understand the error. Description of this method.

  7. I have the pro version, on google nexus s, android 4.1.1, but the applic does not keep the parameter changes I do (tab settings, theme settings) and the sms always give me the same message : “display the sms sent to group by dw contacts”

  8. I use 2.1 pro on my phone. I wuld like to run it on my tablet too, but it refuses to install, saying “Your device is incompatible with this version” (Transformer TF101G). Any hope in a near future? Regards.

  9. Ahoj, mám problém. Zakoupil jsem PRO verzi z Android Marketu a nevím, kde jí mám zaregistrovat aby to fungovalo. Může někdo poradit. Díky

    • Hello
      If the pro version is installed successfully.
      Now your cell phone contains two software, a free version and a pro version. Please uninstall the free version using the pro version.
      Thank you for your support.

  10. Hi, I just bought PRO version from android market. There was written that it will download to my phone automatically but I still don´t have it. Do I need registration code from you??
    Please help. I love this application.
    BR, Kate

  11. 管理員您好:

  12. new version 2.-0.4 is online – a lot of new goodies 🙂

  13. Why so expensive, £6.00 is a lot for an app?

  14. Why so expensive?

    • because this app is very valuable and usefull.
      it is a complete replacement of dialer and contact application.
      But, if you like, you can use the free version, too
      additional – you can ask several users – or look to forum, and all of them are told me, that the app is worth every cent and they would pay the double, too, because this application save so much time for them !!!

  15. Great app…
    How much is the paid version?
    and, what are the benefits of having it?

    • Thank you!
      What is the difference in the paid version and free version:
      No ads.
      When sending a group message, you can add the recipient name in the text message.
      Set different for each group of contacts collation.

  16. Hello, I cannot find your app on the Android Market, why?

    • Sorry!
      My Checkout account is closed. This has led to applications disappear from the market. Now only through Paypal to buy. If you purchased through the market before the paid version, you can now download a free version, then I will provide you with free “registration code. ”
      To this end the inconvenience to you, apologize.

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