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If you would like to help me translate Contact Group Manager to your language, go to Crowdin.
If the list does not appear in your language, please contact me. Thanks!

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  1. Hi.
    1. Please change product name in persian language form
    تشماره های DW
    this is correct.
    The previous name is misspelled.

    2. Please insert “Schedule SMS” in the software.

  2. Hello,

    When I choose Serbian (Српкси језик) in Settings/Language for T9 search nothing happens – the T9 keyboard displays English alphabet. Note that Serbian language uses two alphabets – „cyrillic” and „latin” (western).

    Serbian latin alphabet is the same as Croatian and Bosnian. Serbian cyrillic alphabet is similar to Bulgarian, Russian etc. – but IT IS NOT THE SAME, so these other cyrillic T9 keyboards DO NOT fully support Serbian cyrillic – separate T9 keyboard is needed for Serbian cyrillic.

    What I would like to get when I choose Serbian (Српски језик) is serbian/curillic T9 keyboard. Why don’t you include it?

    I am asking this because I did some translations into Serbian (cyrillic) for you (I have not finished it, but I see that you use some of my translations in your latest release – I don’t mind, in fact I am glad about it). Among other things that I translated, I did give you the groupings of Serbian cyrillic letters for T9 keys.

    Of course I would be glad to help you with translation into Serbian – as my time permits. As far as T9 keyboard for Serbian latin is concerned, this can be easily added too.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Dragan Joksimović

    • Hello
      Thank you very much for your help.
      The need to search for and display characters Please submit here:

      I would include it in the new version released.
      I can also compile a test file, if necessary.

      • O.K.

        You got it there.

        My username at „Crowdin” is „dj001”, so, where you see that username next to a translation proposal you’ll know it is in Serbian cyrillic.

        Justi in case:

        2ABC -> 2АБВГ
        3DEF -> 3ДЂЕЖ
        4GHI -> 4ЗИЈК
        5JKL -> 5ЛЉМН
        6MNO -> 6ЊОПР
        7PQRS -> 7СТЋУ
        8TUV -> 8ФХЦ
        9WXYZ -> 9ЧЏШ

        The letters given above are also in appropriate sort order („a to z”). So, here are these 30 letters, smaller to bigger:


        Since this page seems to be in UTF-8, you should not have problem picking up codes of letters from this message – that’s it, more or less.

        Best wishes.

  3. When I all contacts incl. photos on the memory on SDCARD protect

  4. как убрать функцию слияние контактов? то есть, есть одинаковые имена но разные люди разные фирмы происходит слияние имя остается прежнее а телефоны не понятно кому принадлежат.

  5. i would like to see if we can translate it to Hebrew.
    Please send the files needed.


    Zion Levy

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