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  1. When a call comes in, the contact details screen, blocking the answer button.
  2. Grouping of contacts, the contacts are lost!
  3. How to create a group?
  4. Add contacts to a group?
  5. Remove the contact from the group?
  6. Move contacts to another group?
  7. Contact Group are not properly synchronized.
  8. What is a firewall?
  9. How do I block a contact group calls?
  10. How to set MP3 ring tones?
  11. How to re-display the hidden group?
  12. How to create a shortcut on the desktop to a contact group?
  13. Where can find sent messages?
  14. How to send MMS to the group?
  15. What is the difference in the paid version and free version?

When a call comes in, the contact details screen, blocking the answer button:

Please enter the software settings.
In the “Detail view settings” -> “Incoming call view“. You can close it can adjust its position.

Grouping of contacts, the contacts are lost:

This problem is Android system related. Mobile phone manufacturers modify the “google’s code” so it can not add a contact to multiple groups. In this software, you should be able to find all the contacts under “all contacts” group.

Here are three work-arounds

  1. Contact program into the system, there should be a menu called “View”or something similar projects. Access can see the new group, select the check box to the back.
  2. If the options mentioned above can not install the latest version, in the search page you can see all contacts.
  3. If it does not work, it can only move back to these contacts to the group “Contacts”, so you can restore the previous state.

How to create a group:

Press the menu button in the group view, select “New Group”, In the view settings belong account, group name and save it.

Add contacts to a group:

  1. In the Group view, click the group icon, the pop-up menu, select “Add contact to group”;
  2. In the Contacts view, press the Menu button to select the “Add contact to group”;
  3. In the Contacts view, click check button to select to operate on the contacts, and then click “Mark”.

Remove the contact from the group:

  1. In the Group view, click the group icon, the pop-up menu, select “Remove contact from group”;
  2. In the Contacts view, press the Menu button to select the “Remove contact from group”;
  3. In the Contacts view, click check button to select to operate on the contacts, and press the Menu button to select the “Remove contact from group”.

Move contacts to another group:

Into the Contacts view, switch to “Select mode”. Then select the contacts you want to move, then the menu button to select “Move to group”.

Contact Group does not properly synchronized:

  1. If you use multiple accounts, make sure the “Contact group” and “Contacts” in the same account, otherwise they can not be synchronized.
  2. When you create a new group, you need to first sync it to Gmail, before you can add contacts to the group. In the absence of synchronization and Gmail, add the contacts to the contact group will not be synchronized. This might be the synchronizer bug.

What is a firewall:

Firewall can be used to block unwanted calls. You can set the day of the week or\and the specified time period to reject calls from designated contact group.

How do I block a contact group calls:

In the firewall view, press the menu button, select “Add”. In the view, the settings need to intercept the group, need to intercept the week, need to intercept the time. Save on it.

How to set MP3 ring tones:

First, open the music program, the song you like to be your ringtone, and then use the software to modify group ringtones when you can see the songs just added.

How to re-display the hidden group:

In the contact group view press the Menu key, select Sort. In the interface you can choose to hide and show groups.

How to create a shortcut on the desktop to a contact group:

Method 1:

  1. The empty place on the desktop press and hold. In the pop-up menu, select the shortcut. Then you will see the icon for this software.

Method 2:

  1. Select the desktop to which you would like to add the contact group shortcut.
  2. Ensure that there is available space for the shortcut on the desk top.
  3. Tap on App Draw icon and select Contact Group Manager to open up the app.
  4. Long press on the group for which you would like to add the shortcut.
  5. A pop-up menu will now appear.
  6. In the pop-up menu, scroll down and select “Add shortcut to Home”.
  7. The shortcut icon will now be added to your desktop.
  8. Using this method you can create several group shortcuts on your desktop.
  9. To help organize and differentiate your shortcuts on the desktop, you may want to add avatars/icons to your contact groups before adding them to the desktop.

Using this method you can create a shortcut to a contact groups, Organization groups, Title groups.

Where can find sent messages:

Slide the bottom of the button to the left. You can then see a message icon. This tab displays the message has been sent.

How to send MMS to the group:

Sending group SMS screen, select “Use default SMS program”. This will call the default SMS program, now you can send MMS.

What is the difference in the paid version and free version:

  • design fully configurable (transparence, color, size)
  • quick-jump
  • multiple select mode
  • multiple languages on T9-search
  • event notification service
  • event greetings
  • incoming call handling (show extra info)
  • dial to confirm (before making a call you can view and edit notes)
  • tab bar on top
  • create appointment on contacts or calls
  • sending SMS/MMS emails to multiple contacts
  • when sending a group message, you can add the recipient name in the text message.
  • set different for each group of contacts collation.
  • regularly send text messages
  • no ads

310 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. Hello, I am trying the free version, I will go for Pro, it is great app, thank you for your work.
    One question, I have two android devices, using same contact database, I want to make use of your app to add agenda events linked to contacts (per example, call a person tomorrow); would it be possible to sync this agenda events from a device to the other? That way I can use one phone or another but always my agenda synced. Please let me know, thank you.

  2. Could you please let me know how can I send a message from a dual SIM phone with the second sim card number ?

  3. hi, i use xperia z5 dual premium. earlier dw call history used to show from which sim received the call or used for dialing. now it is not showing. please help

  4. Due to a mistake menu button not appearing in the DW further the toolbox is also not available. Please help, what should I do?

      1. Yes, I hid the menu. But finally found a way and restored the menu button by using toolbox option in contact.

  5. Добрый день. На андроид 6.0 стандартный экран при входящем или исходящем вызове не меняется на DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer. В остальном все работает нормально. Как исправить? Спасибо.

  6. Dear DWP or Admin.. i want ask about Last Seen.. i mean .. ( i have Wrote number in DialPad.. and if i press Home Button and Back again in DialPad ,the number i wrote is dissapear.. please fix it.. i hope Developer understood what i mean..) or You can give me instruction for step by step.. Thank You so Much..

  7. When I send sms – it is surprise for me from what SIM card it will be sent.
    I have dual sim card phone (Lenovo P780).
    Where can I select what Sim card to use for SMS sending?

  8. With dialing confirmation turned on, I have to click thru multiple confirmation requests (sometimes 2-4 times) to get number to dial??? I have full version.

  9. Hello,

    After last Android update there is no company name displayed when I get incoming calls anymore. Can you help?

      1. It seems there is a different problem. It is impossible to set DW as default dialer, because there is only two options – phone and skype – available.
        I have done several resets and restarts, uninstalls and installs, but the problem still persists. With Contacts is ok, when I use it first time there is two options – Contacts and DW displayed – but with Dialer, as I wrote above, only Phone and Skype and when I choose Phone, the telephone start to use android default dialler.

          1. I did it already with no success. Also, as I have a dual sim phone, there was a possibilty before, to choose from which sim I can make an outgoing call, but not anymore.

  10. I just purchased your phone app. How do I register? I can’t read that Chinese jibberish on the Google Play Store page.

  11. Is there any way to change the fonts of contacts also as we can change the font of Dial Pad. My phone do not support to change of system font, so I wanted to change the font of contacts.


  12. Hello, i have problem with dialer.

    I set contacts as deafult and it works fine for me, but when a press dial someone it doesn’t give me options to choose DW dialer it gives only Skype and default phone dialer.

    Can someone please help me with this issue?


  13. Hey, love the app, but is there a way to disable the little number badge on the app’s icon that shows how many missed calls there were? I’m only using this app for the contacts list, not the call log or dialer functionality.

  14. i installed dw dialer in my pipo t9s tablet coz it has call& txt function. but there’s no end call button to press if you want to cancel the call. where to find the end call button????

  15. I am using DW Contacts and dialer as my stock app, problem is this i have purchased a new phone with dual window flip cover,
    Now the main problem is when i use phone stock contact app, incoming call show full photo and hangup/receive button is exact in the place in the second window of Flip cover,

    But when i use DW Contacts incoming call shows half picture and hangup/receive button moves up from the second window of flip cover.

    Is there any setting that my dual-window flip cover can be utilized and hangup/receive button comes at same place as when using stock contact app.

  16. I am managing my contacts with MS Outlook 2010 (or 2013). I have a software which syncs the contacts with google contacts on the web. This way I have my contacts synced on my phone, too. If I use Outlook to fill the mobile phone numbers in the following format is used: +36-99-9999999. This is a hungarian mobile number. My problem is that in this format DW-P cannot send SMS. Calling is OK but SMS.
    What should be the problem? Are there any setting I missed? Have you faced this problem so far?

    Thanks in advance!

        1. Hi,

          I can send SMS to – for exmaple – the mistyped format (+36-99-9999999). Or I tried the format: +36 99 9999999, it is also OK.
          I think the brackets should be the problem.

          1. Hi,
            I just select the adressee from the contact list, type the message and send.

          2. Hi,
            I’ve tried both, the same error persists. Logically you are right, the problem is with the system SMS app itself.
            This means you can do nothing with it?

  17. Hello. Is there any possibility to make a widget with dialpad and with letters together plus also searching as the in-apllication dialpad? I mean t9 searching by entered numbers. Thanks.

  18. Hi,

    I have been using the DW dialer and DW contacts as my stock dialer and contact book. I recently upgraded to Samsung note 4 and somehow I am not getting the option of setting the DW dialer as the stock dialer. Any help on this?

  19. Hi i have a problem with the app but i don’t know if i didn’t configured it right or it’s a bug. I have contacts where i have added organization. In contacts tab and phone tab i can see the organization name with the green background. But when i call the contact or i receive a call organization isn’t shown. What is happening?

  20. How do I merge calls?

    When I have an active call to person A, I see that I can Add Call by pressing the menu button. When I try to add person B, all I can do is swap between the calls – there is no option that I see to merge the calls.

    1. Hello
      These features are provided by the system, different systems are different. You can consult the mobile phone manufacturers.

  21. please see my post in the forum: I want to upload a screenshot showing you that I have lost my list of contact names in the group sidebar view. I have been working on this for an hour, trying to find the view parameters that I must have altered playing around with Multitouch. forum user name: Mikandroid

  22. Please help… I chose the “Always” option of using DW Contacts vs Adroid contacts for adding a called number to my contact list.
    It does not work! No new conctact is created. How do reverse the setting?
    If I uninstall can I reinstall with out buying it again?

    1. Hello
      Uninstall and then reinstall not have to pay again.
      You can in the “Application Manager” to open the relevant app, then select “clear the default.”

      1. Hello, DW Team
        I have been using DW Contacts PRO for a while now.
        But when I use the SEARCH function while searching for an address street name, for example, the results no longer appear below the contacts names. As a matter of fact, none of the search results appear below the contacts names anynore. The only thing I get back while using the SEARCH function is the contact name which that search result apply for.
        I tryied uninstalling and reinstalling and the results don´t appear anymore.
        Can you help me in any way?
        Thank You

  23. I like DW’s Phone interface more than my stock dialer. I can use the DW Phone to dial out. Is there a way to set the incoming call to default to the DW Phone app instead of hte stock dialer? Thanks.

      1. Yes. I’ve seen In Call Widget. Was just wondering if you will ever implement an incoming call inferface in the future. That would be awesome!

  24. Hello,

    Can you program. change the appearance of my phone number when I call or text another person, so it appears to be from another phone number?



  25. in Global settings->contacts display filtering,
    groups will be duplicated if I sync Dejaoffice with native android contact, either using gmail or Dejaoffice account few times.
    any solution to clear it except clear contact storage data?
    or it is a bug?

    BTW, it seems that no one take care of your fourm, I post some questions there, so far so reply there.

    1. Hello
      Before the advent of the repeating groups. Do you use the functionality provided by DWC, edit contacts where the group do?
      BTW, it seems that no one take care of your fourm, I post some questions there, so far so reply there.
      Thank you! I’ll deal with it.

  26. DW is not working with NOVA launcher’s TelsaUnread?
    no miss call is displayed in DW dialer icon.

    LG880, 4.12 NOVA launcher and TelsaUnread 2.2.
    any solution?

        1. Hello
          Because Android does not provide a standard API. If we add this feature we need for each “home APP” writing code. Therefore, no plan.

          1. why does dwc support Go launcher?
            i think u need to support major launcher at least.

  27. just install the DW free version and 归属地 from google play, but it seems not working. no 归属地, any setting?

  28. Hope this is the place for a question.
    DWC – free
    Samsung Rugby – Android 4.1.2
    DWC has worked perfectly for several months. Last couple of weeks, I’ve experienced two problems. Not certain these are DWC based, but it’s the phone/contact app I use.
    1 – My phone detects an incoming call from my wife, I get the screen allowing me to answer but my phone makes no sound. I’ve checked ringtone 3 times. Tested it. All other ringtones make a sound. How do I get sound?
    2 – When receiving a call from one of my contacts, the ring tone is quiet. VERY quiet. Even more strange, after receiving a call from this contact, system volume is set to zero. After hanging up, I must use the buttons on the side of the phone to reset volume to 100%. This doesn’t happen on incoming calls from any other contact. How do I resolve this?

  29. Hello,
    Prior to when I hit the dial button on a contact with two or more numbers in list view it dialed immediately. With it brings a popup with all the numbers and waits me to choose from to dial.
    Is this optional? I don’t want the popup. I want to dial the default number when I hit the dial button on list view. Any help?

  30. Im having problems with the app. I recommended the app to my friends. Like 40 different contacts via SMS. All the texts went out, and nothing happened. So I decided just to buy the app since I still wanted it. I was charged $9.90 on my google wallet, and I still can’t get the app. Play store just gives me the error [BM-PPH-01].

    Im pretty annoyed at this point. I recommended the app to way more people than I was even supposed to, AND I paid for it, and still don’t have it.

    1. Hello
      Maybe a temporary error in Goolge play. I have canceled orders.
      For the recommended software to obtain the registration code. In Recommend page has detailed instructions. It is recommended that users need to install the software and enter your ID. And then you can get the registration code. You’ve seen these explanatory text yet?

      in Google Play and DWC settings have my email address.

      1. Hi,
        You recently implemented this swipe right to cal and left to SMS feature, but that meant the previous feature on swipe to change multiple numbers of a contact is lost and I miss it. Is there option which i can set to get this back or maybe in the next version can you provide that option?

  31. hi,
    i am using version and on gs3 running jellybean latest version.When there is a miss call it shows in the notification bar but it does not automatically remove once i open dw log.I have to manually open the notification bar and manually clear it.Is it a bug?

    1. Hello, this is a limitation of the system. If your phone has root privileges. Recent changes in the software page contains a download link. Installation which software can solve this problem.

  32. Two different behaviors with two versions on the same contact list.
    Let me explain.
    Until version
    Open contact view, choose a contact starting the name with G (say Gary), make the call. After the call when you start the contact view again it will come up with names starting with G. But after a certain time when you start the contact view it comes up with the very first contact in the list starting with A.

    With version and later.

    This behavior has changed. The contact view comes up with the name where you left it no matter how much time has passed. With the example above it comes up always with contacts starting with G.

    Is this a bug or is there any setting I can set it like in version

    I am on SGS3
    Enable Background Service is checked
    Resides in Memory is checked.

    These are always checked in both versions.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your feedback. I will consider this issue. I want to modify the list is always reset when using DWC contact icon again to start the DWC. Only through the Back button or the through historical application list to enter the DWC, keep the old location.
      How do you feel?

  33. I recently purchased paid version. It’s very useful but i don’t know how to use quick dial ‘number 10’. I resigtered phone number for quick dial 10 and then I return to dial pad and pressed 10 for long time. However, I could not call. ‘1+’ just appeared on dial pad. How do i use quick diar 10? Please reply as soon as possible! Thank you

  34. Can I have your app as an independent contacts app outside of the default android contacts app?

    I use my phone for both personal & business purposes. But I do not want to maintain the same phone book for both types of contacts. I want to have totally 2 different contact apps synced to two different gmail accounts so that the contacts do not mix up at all and are always kept separate.

    I installed your app & it automatically loaded all my contacts from the default app. Will your app let me maintain a different set of contacts outside of my default app?

  35. I want a dialer that searches contact notes and then allows me to tap a number in notes to dial it.

    I think you do that – but somehow I have set the default viewer after searching to the phone default – not dw – so I cant tap the number.

    How do I reset to your product!


  36. Using DW Pro and trying to forward an email to a group using Blind Copy. Can’t ascertain how this is done. Hope that you can help . . . Thanks

  37. Help!
    I purchased DW Contacts vs. 2.2.5 pro and finally got it set up just the way I want it on my Android 4.0.3 phone. Unfortunately, I discovered that when my Android phone icon is pressed (not the DW Contacts icon) it no long presents the dialer. In fact, even the phone icon in DW contacts doesn’t bring up a dialer. The only way I can make a call is if the name is already in contacts.
    Can you help?

    1. Hello
      If you want to use to the DWC replace the stock contacts tool.
      First of all, you can remove the icon from the bottom of the screen now. Press and hold the icon, you can move and delete them.
      Then you can find in the All Programs list, the DWC provides dial-up and contact icon.
      They have DW mark. You can hold them to add it to the appropriate location.

  38. Hi – Could you please help me with the follwing?
    1- the phone rings only once, then vibrates. How can I make it ring and vibrate all the time, not only only one ring.
    2- when openning the application I would like to see the number pad with the favourity numbers on top. is this possible?
    Grear application, thanks,

    1. Hello
      For the first question, and system-related. Please look at the system settings.
      For the second question, do not have this feature. Can try to modify the settings. Allows you to see the frequent contacts of contacts.
      Sort list by -> Frequently contacted
      Show contacts on start -> ON
      Show call log on phone -> OFF

  39. Hi,
    I have downloaded the newest version. The contacts are not displayed on contacts overlap (but on standard phone software – yes), On an organizations and a titles overlaps the information are showed. I use Lotus Notes (com.lotus.sync.notes.android) as the adress book.
    ps.. Alarm contacts/numbers from sim card are showed if I choose them on the account date in settings.
    What is a problem with my configuration ?

      1. Yes, I have found. Thanks.
        Your application is fantastics, revelation.
        I have not found better, congratulations.

  40. Hi – This is a great application, here a couple of questions. Could you please let me know if it is possible to have the following

    (a) when I start the application I would like to see my favourites number, however; if the person I want to call is not there in the favourite list I would like to tap on search on the same window and the application search for that person everywhere, not only in the favourite list.

    (b) For some people I have four numbers (note that some of them are very similar because I I may need to add a number different according to whether I call or SMS them (they are people that leave overseas), however, when I see the contact I can only see one number. The only way to see all number is editing it. Is there a way to see all numbers without editing it.

    It is a great application. Congrats. Pablo.

  41. Hi – Is there a way to make contacts allocated to groups not appear in the contacts general view?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello
      You need to modify this setting, to cancel no need to show the group.
      DWC -> Settings -> Global settings -> contact display filtering

  42. Hi been using the app for a while but after I rooted and synced all contacts, I noticed I had mutiple contacts for everyone in my contact list but no way to join all of them without doing it individually. Was just wondering if there was a way to do this in bulk so it wont take so much time?

      1. I have recently purchased DW Contacts, are you going to add merge contacts feature in upcoming versions? Since I’m having different conctacts from Facebook, Google, etc so the merge feature offered in gmail will not work.

        1. Hello
          The DWC now includes merge the functionality of a single contact
          It is in contact details interface menu.
          Batch merge, I will try to add in the future.

  43. If I have a name and number in your app but not in the native app will I see there name or just a number show up when they text or call me?

  44. If I enter contacts into this app and not the native app will the caller id feature work when there is an incoming call or text?


      1. I think he’s asking if he enters a contact into this app, and not the stock app on the phone, will the caller ID feature still work when a call or text is received.

  45. Hello,

    My DW dialer & contacts doesn’t show other contacts than Google’s. No facebook, no twitter. I wanted to buy this app but without this functionality it’s worthless. My FB account is set to work with DW inside DW and inside FB. Handcent SMS shows FB contacts so its nothing wrong with my side I suppose. Any help?

      1. Yes, as i said DW should show all contacts. But even so facebook contacts are shown only if friendcaster is installed.

  46. i have tmobile mytouch 4g slide and 4000 contacts in my gmail contacts. when i try to voice dial using the tmobile/htc genius button it keeps telling me please wait while it apparently indexes all 4000 contacts.

    is there a way to sort my top 200 called contacts and the tell the genious button to only search the top 200 when i want to voice dial.

    thank you,

    i am more than happy to go to paid version if your app can solve my problem

  47. Just downloaded the paid version. Is there a way to set the Missed Calls Filter on the Call Log to remove from the list any missed calls or callers that have subsequently been contacted (missed calls returned or subsequent incoming answered)?? I would like the Missed Call log to only reflect calls that were missed and which there has been no subsequent communication with the caller. I don’t think it is useful to show missed calls even if a subsequent incoming or outgoing call was made. Thank you.

    1. Please forgive my bad English.
      I could not understand what you mean.
      Whether to put it simply?
      Thank you!

    1. Hello
      I did not do the test, I saw some user comments expressed support.
      Please try in 2.1.3
      Enter the number then press and hold the dial-up icon.

  48. I read in comments that the app always opens at boot. Is it possible to change that setting to manual? There are times when I need to save battery and don’t want any phone or text activity either.

    Has this been tested with Android 4.04 on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

    Looks like a wonderful app – I have already recommended it to others – I plan to buy and install the Pro version but will first test with the Free.

    Thanks for a fine app!

    1. Hello
      Thank you like it.
      Here you can avoid it in the background.
      Settings -> Background service settings -> Enable background service

      I’m using the Nexus S, Androld 4.0.4
      The only problem is
      Merge call log and Show call log group by date
      Can not work simultaneously.

      1. Thanks! I will test this tomorrow and if it continues to be as good as it appears I will be upgrading to the Pro version – more to support your efforts than any immediate need for more features.

        Thanks again!


    1. Hello
      May be regular contact contact led to a misunderstanding.
      To close the Options in:
      Settings -> Detail view settings -> Favorites view settigns -> Show most contacted below favorites

  49. I purchased your product from the market for samsung gt-i9100 galaxy 2.
    DW problem by saving the address book a contact is not automatically saved on the phone’s original book, which is reversed.
    You can save contacts DW?

    1. Hello
      Save and edit contacts completed by the stock contacts software.
      This feature is not included in the DWC.
      Save the contact, there is no option to save to phone?

  50. Hello,
    Can anyone advise how I can change the phone number format in DW pro.

    I prefer xx-xxxx-xxxx not the xxx-xxx-xxxx format

    Thanks in advance

  51. Hello,
    I have bought a full version of your program and I am satisfy with it.
    I have one problem. Some new contacts that I added recently disappear after some time. I haven’t find any synchronization function or contact back up function.
    Best regards

    1. Hello
      You can sync contacts to Gmail to backup contacts.
      These are the functionality that comes with Android.

  52. Hi,

    It seems to me all the dialers are missing a trick.
    On my old windows phone I could dial in letters that were in the contact mane and a list of applicable contacts would come up eg



    The windows phone would search all name fields.

    Your app does not do that as far as I can determine.
    It makes finding anything very hard

    It will work but only if I select
    Toolbox –> search ( 1276 contacts shown )

    If I go
    Contacts –> search ( only 620 contacts shown ) and it does not search in the naming fields

    Any ideas ?

    Otherwise it is a great product. Thank you for producing a great product.

    1. Hi
      If you want to search all the names of fields in the T9 search.
      In Settings -> Global settings -> Select name is field to the show -> select all fields.
      About search
      You can use the search in the toolbox, replaced contacts TAB.
      Press the Menu button in the toolbox.

  53. This is the best contacts manager. It would be even better if when I go to a contact’s details I could see a history of all communications with that contact ie texts, appointments and emails.

    1. Hello Bill
      To start the Pro version, there is an error to remind you?
      The pro version of the icon is different. You can find it in the All Programs list.

  54. I recently installed full version on a Samsung Galaxy Note. It does not work as expected.
    When I select Favorites page & Sort list by Recent contact or Frequently contact, this does not work & always defaults to Sort list by Firstname.

    1. Hello, can work on other pages?
      Favorites, there are some special. Which contacts consists of two parts, starred and regular contact with the contact. Starred contacts always came in regular contact with the front of the Contacts. Perhaps this relationship you think that sort does not work.

  55. Why is my wife’s SSN and old house address displaying in Contact information? Where is this coming from? It’s not in Facebook.

  56. Hello.

    Is there a way to make the default phone icon point to DW phone, contacts to point to DW contacts. I didn’t see any settings to allow this to happen. Only some aftermarket Launchers allow you such full customisation of the Dock Icons. Is there anything within DW settings to allow this to happen?

    1. Hello, you are using the Android 4.0 do?
      If so, you can drag icons to replace the default dial icon and contacts icon.
      If not, when you click the Contacts icon and dial-up icon. Select the application dialog box will appear. You can choose to DW as the default program.

      1. Hi,
        I have a Samsung Note(2.3.6) and when I press the docked phone or contacts icons, nothing happens. How can I make your app the default caller and contacts manager??

        1. I think this is because the “Home App” does not provide custom options. You can try other third party “Home App”.

          1. I don’t really like to change my Home Launcher.Is there a chance that you make a solution?

          2. Hello, If the problem does occur in the “Home Launcher”. Will be no way to solve this problem. Because the “Home Launcher” in the call “Contacts App” and “Dial App” without the use of a common API. Instead, specify the use of stock contact software.

  57. Hi once more
    I get every day at 9 am a reminder for all contacts with a birthday – but they are empty .I cannot edit them . the window kontacts > more > edit > is empty
    If mobile is off at 9 o get it when i start
    What can i do ??

    1. Hello, this should be the database date format DWC can not resolve an error.
      Avoid reminders, you can turn off the set: “Event notification settings” -> “Enable event notification”.
      About editing event, will contact the source?

  58. In the call list I do not want to show call time & date, how to disable this?

    When I tap the phone icon from home screen ( HTC wildfire S) I need the dialer to open with dial pad how to set this action?

    1. Hello
      In “phone settings” -> show call log group by date
      Avoid the show date.
      On dial-up icon. DWC just installed, click the icon the dialog box will appear select the application. Then you can choose to DWC.

      1. Thats OK for date , how can I disable showing call time & duration in the call list?

        When I select DWC on dial up icon, the DWC contacts tab opens and then I have to switch to dial pad, I want to open the DWC dial pad in place of contacts tab.

        1. Thats OK for date , how can I disable showing call time & duration in the call list?

          Now do not include this feature.

          When I select DWC on dial up icon, the DWC contacts tab opens and then I have to switch to dial pad, I want to open the DWC dial pad in place of contacts tab.

          This should be a system problem. In the “Tab settings” -> “Default tab” to change.


    1. Hello, change the color only in the paid version is available.
      If you are using the paid version, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the software.
      Sometimes backup App, set the wrong permissions on configuration files, resulting in DWC can not save the settings.

  60. Where can we find the custom themes like those in the description (otherwise that simple black and white)?

      1. yes, but something else that the “theme base”. something like the stylish one in the description on market with a custom picture as background

        1. yes, if you set the background color to transparent, then you will see the background image, which you have set on your home screen (also live wallpaper would bevisible then)
          PLS: every color can be setup the transparency

          1. Good morning. When I send out group bulk text message to my club members the receive repeated texts message about ten similar messages at once. What do I need to do for them to get just one message instead of similar message repeating its seif !!!

      2. and another thing, is there any vertical alphabet (on left or right) from where you can rapidly scroll to desired contact? like in the stock app

  61. Hi,
    Your DW is fantastic just let me give you some ideas what I`m missing in prioritized order. I would be superb if there is an option to be able:
    – to make call to preferred # by one click on the name from phone list,
    – to have dialer key pad visible in all tabs
    – to set up a reminder from phone book (with option from pop-up window after the call) to make call. Or could be a option to recall another app like call reminder. Option similar to “create appointment”

    I happy to see finally the great dialer after long search.
    Thank you!

    1. hi,
      .) having dialpad on every tabwould not making sense,because the “phone” tab is the dialer part, and there is the t9 working.
      it would slow down the whole app, if we would addt9supportfor every tab.
      if you want use contact app (for admin) -> then tab “contacts”
      if you want to search for any special part in all possible fields -> then tab “search is your friend”
      if you would like to call or having t9-search or call log -> then best choise is the tab “phone”

      for quick-call -> you can call the quick-call by select from the quick-dail list (which you can setup)

  62. Dear Hanwoo,
    I have a question about filtering of incoming calls. In the past I had a “non-smart” SE W810 and I used to filter incoming calls by setting of profiles and their rules for black list. I could have defined several profiles with the different set of contacts on black list and I was able to switch among these profiles to accept appropriate incoming calls.
    Your application allows to set several filters, but only with time based validity and I am not able to select active and nonactive ones. All filtres are active according to entered time interval all the time the filtering is active. Is there any posibility how to say the “filter 1” is valid and “filter 2” is not?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Your app is an excellent idea:-)
      What i’m missing a bit is an option to set the font size/color for the organisation/name on the INCOMING CALL screen. Would it be a thing to be implemented some time in the near future?

  63. Hi ! For a contact which have in outlook the birthday date Mo 24.09.1962
    Have on the mobile this : -229451238130 as the date ?

    1. Hello
      DWC now supports these formats:


      It seems a problem with synchronization program.

  64. Hi ! The Birthdays are made in outlook . And i get remembered every day at 9 o clock am for all contacts with a birthday …….

    1. Hello, Thank you for your feedback.
      This should be a date parsing error.
      Contact the viewer in a contact’s birthday you see what format?

      1. android/iphone/thunderbird/etc.. are using a complete different model of reminders …they are all using the contact database directly.
        outlook create an appointment for contact events and do ignore the real event on contact database.
        (best is to remove the appointments for birthday, otherweise you have it double times.
        this is not related to DWC – this is system wide for all android systems.

        1. DWC can remind you on contact database(dwc check the contact database and remind you – see options in settings -> event notification settings)

    1. That may be, and “contact their respective account” relationship.
      Edit contact event do not have to support all of the accounts.
      Has thus contains Gmail, Exchange, local contacts.

    2. is related on which contact account databaseyou wantto change and is also related on which android system and which contact editor is installed.
      if your android do only having a buggycontact editor -> i suggest to use a contact editor, which support all contact fields (like “contact editor pro”)

  65. When i hit a contact – I see that there is a birthday – with a stange couple of numbers below – not the date .
    I m not able to edit in the way you described it .
    when i open ” edit contact” I cannot edit the birthday – i do not see in this mask
    the birthday date or something else for a date

    1. What type of contact account?
      In the contact list, hold down the desired contact. In the pop-up menu, select “More>”, then select “Edit Event.”
      So you can edit the date?

  66. Hi once more ! Have the same prob with Bithdays but I cannot edit with more –
    i only get the ” Notice ” and ” Alias “

    1. is related on which contact account databaseyou wantto change and is also related on which android system and which contact editor is installed.
      if your android do only having a buggycontact editor -> i suggest to use a contact editor, which support all contact fields (like “contact editor pro”)

  67. Hi

    1/ I have dialling confirmation turned on, when I try to make a call from the contacts or call screen nothing happens, however if you use the backup button the confirmation dialogue is seen briefly behind the call screen. It seems that the confirmation doesn’t appear on the top.

    2/ Where you have a long phone number and the font is fairly large all the number can’t be seen is there anyway it can all be seen. I have set the application to only show 1 character for feild name. Furthermore depending on the fields displayed the phone / sms icons either appear mid line vertically or on the line.

    3/ Picture position appears to affect the phone dial or sms icon icon position however the opposite to the picture position. eg If picture position right is turned off then the icons appear right. If picture position is turned on right then icons appear left. This is the case even if pictures are not displayed.

    A great app especially the font size as I can finally read ny contacts numbers/


    1. Hi
      1. This may be a compatibility problem, the system does not allow intercept telephone. If you can block, then the confirmation dialog box appears, press OK, it will not display call screen.
      Or you have installed third-party call screen management program. They use the same API check for a dial. However, after they received notice than DWC, after the display screen makes them, and then covered DWC dialog.

      About 2 and 3 I do not understand, this has to do those changes?
      Thank you feedback.

    2. Hello, thank you for your feedback.
      It work on my phone. What is your phone system version and model?
      Sorry I did not fully understand what you mean, because my English is bad.
      Yes it does work, what you want?

  68. Is there any way that I can disable the licence check?
    I have purchased the full version but I’m not always connected to the internet, I don’t use 3G so I always get the unable to get licence pop up.
    This does not stop me using the app but is realy annoying.
    Apart from that best app I’ve used.
    Delipitore (Jim)

    1. Hello, the software is designed to permit only an online check, and then without keeping online.
      This is perhaps the google servers.
      Sorry to bring you the trouble.
      Please download the free version, and then I provide you with free registration code, can solve this problem, thank you!

  69. I am not able to edit a birthday or anniversary in DW Contacts. I have to go to Gmail Contacts to do this. Am I missing something?

    DW Contacts is a great program!

    1. Hello, hold down the desired contact in the pop-up menu, select More. Then you can see the edit contact events.

        1. if your android do only having a buggy contact editor -> i suggest to use a contact editor, which support all contact fields (like “contact editor pro”)

  70. I got in general the setting ” No Id send ” and i put the +31# for the contacts who should see who is calling .
    You see with the same construction i had no problems with Nokia –
    And when I am BT connected in my car – the car display show my the contact name – but on the mobile display not .

    1. Yes, this functional relationship to the Android system. Now you see the call interface provided by the Android system. It is not part of DWC. No solution. Sorry.

  71. Na dann besser auf Deutsch !! ;-))

    Habe verschidene Gruppen die mit oder ohne Anrufer-Id anrufe .
    Mache dass mit den GSM befehlen (*31#) war bisher auch kein problem (Nokia)
    nun erkennt die App die eingehnden Anrufe nicht mehr als bekannten Kontakt .
    Gibt es dafür eine lösung ?

    PS – bin Pro besitzer

      1. Ok ! I have different groups which can be phoned with Id or without ID
        until now I managed it with the GSM Standards (for Id sending *31#)
        but now the app do not recognise when I get a call from a contact begins with the GSM
        example: Paul has the Number 0172 123456789
        in my contacts the number is *31#0172 123456789
        when i call him he sees my Id – but when he calls me He is an unknown contact because of the gsm pre-set .
        What can I do ?

        1. This problem is rather difficult. For the phone number of the comparison done by the system API. Only ignore the “area code.
          You can delete numbers before the “* 31 #” it?
          Or, save two numbers for the contact
          *31# 0172123456789

    1. new version 2.0.9 do having now: dialprefix and dial suffix
      this can be used fordialing. on long click – there you can then dial with adding prefix or/and suffix

  72. So und jetzt auf deutsch 😉
    Habe meine onzakte mit GSM -Befehlen gespeichert . Da ich Gruppen habe die mit Anrufer ID und ohne Id anrufe. Nun erkennt die app die eingehnden Arufe nicht mehr als bekannte Kontakte . Habe ich hier eine möglichkeit ?

    Ps bin Pro-besitzer

  73. hello,
    weeks ago i bought the pro version.
    in the meantime i dad to rebuild the system several times and the key you sent me is lost. what do i have to do to get it back and what do i have to do in future to avoid this problem.


    1. Hello, may I ask what method you use to buy? PayPal or Google market. Please provide your proof of purchase, I can help you solve the problem. You can also contact me via email.
      Thank you!

      1. hello,
        thanks for your answer, i bought it directly via paypal and got a message with the code. is this code stored somewhere or how can i store it next time?


        1. Hello, sorry did not reply in time. Purchase of mobile phone use, you can automatically obtain the registration code again.
          Please start *DW Contacts & Phone* and do following procedure:
          1.) Open settings menu in DW Contacts & Phone (click “Menu” key -> “More” -> “Settings”)
          2.) Scroll to *Registration* and click on it
          3.) Click *Online registration check* (then you will see: “Loading license from network was successful” and “License check was sucessful”)
          Congratulation, now it is registered. Also, you can check the *Status* of DW Contacts & Phone in the *Registration* menu.”

    1. Hello
      SMS tab, only show “bulk send” the message.
      It is provided in order to avoid a large number of duplicate messages appear in the “standard text database.”

  74. I sync my contacts from my Outlook file via VCOrganizer and I DO NOT sync from google.

    The default phone book program that came with my ROM displays these contacts but DW Contacts is not finding the contacts. Am I doing something wrong or is this functionality not yet written into the application?

  75. Hi,

    Is there any way to display only non-google contacts (ie phone contacts) and not sim contacts either? It woul be as if there was one more account, named phone…

      1. Thanks! Solved in contacts View!
        Sorry for being finnicky, but the sim card numbers still appear in history view and in dialer. Obvious workaround is to delete the redundant sim card contacts, but that defeats the purpose of the filters and I can use my sim card in more than one phone (ie one for beach or travel or hazardous situtaions and my smartphone elsewhere).

    1. this can be setup:
      see settings -> account data
      also see: systemfilter
      see settings -> global settings -> contact display filtering
      there you can activate what you would like to see

  76. Hello! Thanks for this great app but i have a question.:

    On the most of my business contacts i have added the company name in the company field in outlook and i saved it as: Lastname, Surname (company name) because i often know only the company when searchin.

    So why is it not possible to search the company in t9! in contacts it does work! To i have todo any special settings?

    Need your help fast

    Thanks alot
    Toni an pro version user

    1. Hello!
      Sorry did not respond promptly, via e-mail I can get back to you faster.
      t9 now only search for the name and number. Company Name stored in Surname, it should be able to work. In the contact list you see the contact name including the company name?

      1. Sorry, but the description of your application claims: “full T9-search on all contacts fields”. And that’s why I wanted to use it… so I am quite puzzled that it does not work. I need this feature.
        Can you explain the discrepancy between your reply to Toni and that advertisement of your application?


        1. “full T9-search on all contacts fields”
          Sorry here, now only support number and name search. The new version will add an organization search.

          1. t9-search in organization name is supported on 2.0.7 and newer (see settings -> t9-search settings)

  77. Android market and Appbrain market will not let me download either the paid or the free version 2. It says that they are incompatible with my Acer A500 running honeycomb 3.1. It said the same thing about version 1.5, but when I downloaded it directly from your blog, it ran perfectly.

    Is there another site I can download version 2 from? I’d like to try free version 2 before I buy the paid versions.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, you can download the latest version of the blog. Can not download in the market, because the software application on the phone function. But Acer A500 does not support calls. So the market filtration. If you need to purchase only through Paypal payment. This free version and Pro version can get the same functionality.
      Thank you

  78. Hi!
    I have question about search in contacts. For example i have contact “John Smith” and i try to find this contact using few first characters of firstname and lastname – like “Jo smi”. In free version this doesnt work. What about PRO version? Its very important for me.

      1. the search is different and related on which tab you are using it.
        wemakethis,so that user have the choise which tab to use:
        .) tab”phone” -> t9 search (very much options in settings to find also part of a name)
        .) tab”contacts” -> search on some contact data fields (but the part of the name must be correct from start of the name)
        .) tab”search” -> search IN ALL contact data fields (partof it, also search for numbers, names, notes, etc.. – but is not so fast as on tab “contacts”)

  79. I want to be able to set up a date and time to be able to call someone back. I want to be able to see who I have to call and on that day click on them see who they are and then press one button and call them. There is a program call agendus for palm and it did this very nicely. can you make your product do this. I am sure that may people would want to buy it. is there a technical reason no one seems to offer this. I found one but it wants to be linked to a crm like sugar. I just want it on the phone perhaps on google but only for backup.

  80. Hi there

    A couple of questions:

    1) Is it possible to import vcards or other Outlook data to DW? If not, would it be possible to one-day add?
    2) For those of us who don’t like to sync with gmail for privacy reasons, I wonder whether it might be possible to back-up contact data somehow?



      1. vcards can be imported via stock acontacts application.
        it should be normally enough, if you send the vcard via email and only click on attachement – open it with stock contacts, then it is imported.
        so,not sure, if this is neccesary to implement to DWC

  81. Excellent program but I think it has the following bug:

    If I set DW Dialer as default (replacing the original dialer) then, if I miss a call and bring DWDialer in front through the notification bar then the missed calls counter is not reset. The next time I will get a missed call I will get a new notfication for 2 missed calls, the next one for three and so on. If I open the original dialer at least once then the missed calls counter gets reset.

    1. Hello, I’m sorry there is no way now, Android limited, third-party applications removed missed calls count.

      1. it is relatedon yourmanufacturer ROM,if theROM is using the AOSP android functionm for resetting the “missed calls” counter, then it is working fine.also sgs1 +sgs2 is supported.

  82. Hi!

    Exiting the program ( PRO), it continues to run in the background. The option Enable background service is deselected. What is the option for this situation does not occur?

    1. Hello, you close the background service, the program does not stop immediately. Until the phone memory is low, android will stop the process. Are the same for other applications.

  83. Is there a way to change later the account assigned to a group? Seems that once done and synced it is fixed and has to be recreated??

    Also, when adding a new group could you make the account id brighter. It is hard to see it in bright light.

    1. Hello, create a group, you can not change its own account. This is similar to, you can not change the contact of the respective account.

      Also, when adding a new group could you make the account id brighter. It is hard to see it in bright light.

      1. “This is similar to, you can not change the contact of the respective account.”

        Actually, there is neat app to do this for contacts: Contact Remover Plus. You can move/copy contacts between Gmail accounts.

        1. In my application, “Duplicate contact” function can also copy a contact to the other account.

          But the group is somewhat different. Because a large number of contacts belong to this group. If you modify the group account information, you need to change all belong to this group of contacts. But this contact may belong to other groups. There is more work to do. Maybe delete the group, and then re-create will be simple.

  84. For some reason my group and group items syncing is working only one way. From Gmail to the device, but not the other way. Synchronization under the accounts list on the phone ends up with an exclamation mark. Not sure what I am missing.

      1. I think I got it squared away. Other people experience a similar issue: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google%20Mobile/thread?tid=538e414a9126b0f7&hl=en

        I used the hint from this link to delete contacts storage: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/81579-fix-google-contacts-not-syncing.html

        Before I did this I did couple independent backups of my contacts on the phone (and I need it :).

        In the process of doing this I also discovered this neat tool to remove duplicates on the phone: Contact Remover Plus

        1. Now my syncing completes with no errors, but group do not get updated with contacts on Gmail. I can see these contacts in the list on Gmail, but not in the groups on Gmail. On the phone, groups look fine.

          1. Yes, it does look like issue under #2, i.e. group needs to be first synchronized with Gmail and then contacts can be added to the group. Thanks!

  85. Is there a west to sync the groups in this app between two droid devices with the same root email. I ask because I want the groups I input on my tablet to appear in my droid X. Is this possible with this app?

    1. Hello, I would like Gmail can do it. When a device changes, the first sync, and then another device synchronization.

  86. Looking at the differences between the regular version and Pro. Under #3 you mention “Set different for each group of contacts collation.” I think there is a word missing. Set different what? Color perhaps?

    Thank you for a great app!

    1. Thank you for reminding me, my English is not good, I use google translation. Following this correct?
      Set different collation for each contact group.

      1. Thanks. Is the a screenshot showing how this looks? Not sure what this will do in the paid version.

        Also … I am trying to move contacts from ‘My Contacts’ to another group only, but it doesn’t want to drop the ‘My Contacts’ assignment. Is this some default group and it can’t be change?

  87. Just bought Pro version.
    Google orderno. 507977075601598. Cannot find the way to add birthday. Available in Swedish language

    1. Hello
      In the contact list view, press and hold the necessary contacts. In the pop-up menu and then select “Add Event.”.

  88. My ask is very simple but………I dont know how to install a zip file in android.
    I alwasy install xxxxxxxx.apk by clik on it.
    I new in android.
    Your apk is very good and I can put it in spanish and catalan (is a lenguage spoke in a region of spain). I know the spanish proyect is actually run, I see in your developer page but in catalan………..
    Of course I am from spain and from this region Cataluña, where catalan is spoken.


    1. Hello
      Zip file decompression can be xxxxxxxx.apk it? If not, try to modify it as xxxxxxxx.apk.apk file is a special zip file. If you still can not install there is no way out.

      About Translation
      Now spanish is not complete. It is an enthusiastic user to help me before translation.I’ve added catalan in http://crowdin.net/project/dw-contact-group-manager. You can now use the web interface translation. Thank you for your help.

  89. Description looks like just what I will need. Question – and pardon but I’m new to Androids (actually still shopping) – can the sw also assign ringer to a single contact, or is that a native Android or handset feature?

    1. Hello, system default support for each contact set the tone, this program also uses this interface to complete the group ring settings.

  90. How can we confirm that a group text has been sent?

    How many people can included in a group text?

    Just beginning to learn the software. It is a great idea. I send more group texts thru Outlook than regular texts. I really hope I can sent group texts from my thunderbolt while on the road.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, you can see in the message list interface, SMS is already sent.
      You can also open a status report to confirm whether the other party had received text messages.
      No limit to the number of recipients, but when the number of messages sent an hour when more than 200. The system will issue a warning. After each message needs to confirm before sending.

  91. Hy, I use this App since 1 Month and it works right well.
    But there are two problems/questions.

    1. When I give person “Adam” from the group “Family” the ringtone “Typ A” in the contact, and the group “Family” the ringtone “Typ B”, then “Adam” has to ring with “Typ A” cause the ringtone of group has to have a lower priority as the ringtone of the contact.

    2. There is a posibility to put dates from the contacs into the Google-Calender. Is there a posibility to give defaults for the calender like “Every year on xx of yyyy”? Also i think it would be very helpful to copy all dates from one group into the calender by one button.

    Greeting from Germany

    1. Hi, Matthias
      Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to add them to the software.
      About ringtone, group ringtone also be stored to each contact. Every time you add a new member to the group, his ring tone for the group will be synchronized. When you modify a contact’s ringtone, it will be customized. Until you re-set group ringtone.

  92. Can you send me a Legend of what each of the Icons mean at the bottom of the screen…I have a Samsung Transform phone. I like this app a lot and want to get used to using it, I have over 2000 contacts and want to be able to pull up names of contacts by where they work to show potential customers a list of customers I already have in my phone that they might work with or know.

    Wayne Levangie

  93. I have helped you re-write the instructions for adding shortcuts to desktop. Hope it helps clear this part up.

    How to create a shortcut on the desktop to a contact group:
    1. Select the desktop to which you would like to add the contact group shortcut.
    2. Ensure that there is available space for the shortcut on the desk top.
    3. Tap on App Draw icon and select Contact Group Manager to open up the app.
    4. Long press on the group for which you would like to add the shortcut.
    5. A pop-up menu will now appear.
    6. In the pop-up menu, scroll down and select “Add shortcut to Home”.
    7. The shortcut icon will now be added to your desktop.
    8. Using this method you can create several group shortcuts on your desktop.
    9. To help organize and differentiate your shortcuts on the desktop, you may want to add avatars/icons to your contact groups before adding them to the desktop.

  94. Firewall:

    1) Does Firewall also block SMS or only calls.

    2) In a future release can you add a check box for “Everyday” under the Week options.

    Very nice program with huge potential.
    Thank you!

  95. Your directions leave a lot to be desired.. The app and your directions do not match. For instance..
    In the Group view(where does anything explain what that is?) , click the group icon (again which one is that?), the pop-up menu(what menu pops up?) , select “Add contact to group”; (when I hit the different icons on the bottom , the title bar changes , and not a single one says “Group View” I assume it is the one with 2 people. When I think that I may have found my way to it, it only displays a handful of people… arrrgghhh I want this app to work. Can you clean your directions up and make the wording “EXACTLY” as the display on your app?
    In the Contacts view, press the Menu button to select the “Add contact to group”;
    In the Contacts view, click check button to select to operate the contacts, and then

    1. Hello, I’m sorry, my English is not good. I used google translator to complete the document.
      Contacts view — display the contact list interface.
      Check button — “box contains the hook” button.
      Group view — displays a list of contact groups interface. It is to start the application’s default interface.
      Group icon — in the “contact group list ” icon on the left side of the contact group.

    1. Hello!
      Now includes the following differences:

          No ads.
          Specified for each group, “Contact Name Sort by”.
          When sending a group text message to add the recipient name in the message.

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