DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Avoid AVG warning
  2. Directly clear the missed call notification, which requires  the phone to get ROOT privileges. From here you can download the
    crack file: Goolge play, DW Website
  3. Backup and restore all DW Contacts’s data
  4. Support write notes for the call log
  5. Add search history, click on an empty search box to open
  6. Support long contact name is displayed in the contacts details
  7. Click Notes field can be modified Note in the contacts details
  8. Merge the selected contacts
  9. Call filter, allowing recent contacts contacts incoming
  10. Quickly open the the incoming call contacts in “In call widget”
  11. SIM card contact management (beta)
  12. Import SIM contacts to the speed dial list
  13. Batch export contacts picture
  14. Hide widget title option
  15. The number of rows of grid view contact name option
  16. Redesign the in call view – allows modify note and add appointment
  17. New options:
    • Fold menu, to solve the problem part of the phone can not use the submenu
    • Add a new action to click on the list item and avatar
    • Click on the contact icon action in List view
    • Hide default contact icon
    • Sidebar font size
    • Sidebar item configuration


  1. Lead FC custom title bar background color
  2. The Duplicate contacts lead to excess group

Download the free version: