DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Add Dial widget – You can use it to dial the speed dial number (“Number” + “#”), double-click the “0” to enter “+”
  2. Add the “Address” in the Toolbox, you can browse contacts, through the contact’s address.
  3. Send group SMS before, you can select a phone number via number label.
  4. In bulk SMS add the Insert menu, easier input is used to replace the name of the character.
  5. Add Silence action in “Call Filter”
  6. Add two dial button on the contact details (multi-SIM card mobile phone)
  7. Add ringtone option in the contact details
  8. Add default markup in the “Number Selection Dialog”
  9. Optimized scrolling list
  10. Optimization “sliding Dial” and “Multi-Number Switching”
  11. Added option to disable sliding dial
  12. Slide to dial
  13. Group Editor: Adding parent group selection
  14. Call log notes management (Tools -> Note)
  15. Enabling App Widgets on the Lockscreen
  16. New options:


  1. Correct the error in the address selection and mailing address selection
  2. When only open the call log does not show contact picture

Download the free version: