DW Contacts & Phone released

  1. Optimize contact search speed
  2. Add To Do list

  1. Add “Remove from tab bar” to the group list press Menu
  2. Add “Copy Button” to Share contacts as text dialog
  3. The exact date is displayed instead of a few days ago in the message list
  4. Optimization filter contacts by account loading speed

  1. Bug fixes

  1. Add Indonesian, thanks qory firdaus
  2. Add [Items to show] to the menu
  3. Add search option allows match exact part of word in the name
  4. Added option to control whether the combined number, when just labels different
  5. Repair SIM card ID displayed incorrectly in Samsung Android 6.0 system
  6. Other bug fixes

  1. Recovery “App icon” and “Early theme” Voter
  2. Add log mark color to the color scheme
  3. Optimization Action bar menu (add icons and separated)
  4. Add “Add number to blacklist” in [In Call widget]
  5. Supports add schedule from the schedule list

  1. Improved SMS interface, add regularly send text messages in the “Contact Details”
  2. Add “Send SMS” menu in “Contact Details”, you can send a message to all the numbers of
    the contact
  3. Improved color scheme
  4. Built-in “Business” theme
  5. Press Enter to open the first search results
  6. Close Call filter timer

  1. Call filter: send SMS notifications caller after interceptors
  2. Add button to insert the current time in the note editor
  3. Support slide dialing in a note list
  4. Allow pause group message send
  5. Other details of the adjustment and troubleshooting

  1. Add History TAB to “Contacts in group” view
  2. Repair faults in the Voice memo
  3. The new interface language Slovenian (thanks Peter)


  1. Support Voice Memo in “Call Log”
  2. Add Quick dial TAB
  3. TAB sorting support in the “Contact details”
  4. Automatic height support in the “In call widget”
  5. Add SMS record icon in the “History”
  6. Show the original number dialed in “Call Log”
  7. Export “History” to CVS
  8. New Options
    • Accessibility
      • Use list menu
      • Double-click to enter the number
    • In call widget
      • Fixed Height
      • Limit notes to x lines
      • Display Items
        • Relationship
        • Position in Quick dial
        • SMS
        • Call log


  1. Repair faults in the global search


  1. Improved In call widget
  2. Improved Long press menu
  3. New Fast scroll bar
  4. Optimize search speed in Samsung devices