DW Contacts & Phone version 2.0.4 released


  1. please take care, that you can now totally setup, what to display on your contacts in lists
  2. new selector (separated for every tab) which items to show on tab lists (inclusive 3rd line on all tabs)  (selection of: Numbers, Organization, Title, Groups, Account icon, Contact picture, SMS button, Email button, Dial button)
  3. complete rewrote tab “phone” (list+call log list)
  4. cosmetics on tab “phone” (graphics, size of icons, + picture to get more space)
  5. new option to show “call log items” on T9-search
  6. new option to “merge call log” (merge same callers)
  7. new “T9-search” option: “Use number search” (disable/enable)
  8. quick dial manager added to settings menu under Phone settings
  9. incomming call view: new option for show x-lines of notes
  10. sliding left right to change tab (start point must be begin on quite left or quite right side)
  11. rearrange of long press menu (most important functions -directly / all other under “More”)
  12. new options for background color on groups, organization, title
  13. new options for font size for 1st, 2nd , 3rd line
  14. event: display in 3rd line account icon + short name of account
  15. on creating an appointment -> round time to next 0min or 30min


  1. bugfixes on “Add number to contact”
  2. bugfixes on delete merged contacts (Modified to only delete the currently displayed account contacts.)

Download the free version: