DWP DW Contacts & Phone


DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Sort SIM card contacts by name
  2. In group settings add a dialing prefix and suffix, prefix and suffix added automatically before dialing
  3. Add dual SIM card configuration (Tools > Dual SIM card configuration), you can run tests to support more dual SIM mobile phone
  4. Press the Dial button in the call log, automatic callback using the same SIM card

Download the free version:


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  1. I have all but 2 of my contacts not belonging to any group, I have 2 contacts in the group “not often called” I do not want these 2 contacts displayed so I have unchecked the “not often called” group and they did not appear in the contacts tab just what I was trying to do. But now they have reappeared and in checking the check box that group is still unchecked how can I make them stay unlisted? Had the same issue on a galaxy note two running stock samsung contact manager. This is happening on a Sony

  2. Sorry, Not understand

  3. How can i edit one of my contact details

  4. Is it possible when i receive a call to know witch sim card is being used?

  5. I need to correct my previous comment to read;
    Could you explain how to add ‘memo’ field and later edit it to an exiting or new contact?

  6. Could you explain how to add ‘menu’ field and later edit it to an existing or new contact?

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