DW Contacts & Phone released


  1. Add more SIM card icon in the dual SIM card configuration.
  2. Add a “Block List” in the Call filter, you can add the numbers in the call log list to the “Block List”, through long press menu.
  3. Add notification ringtone in the group editor (need system support)
  4. Add quick access widget
  5. Dialing confirm: automatic dialing after the 10s
  6. New options:
    • Global Settings -> Haptic feedback strength
    • Theme Settings -> Dial Pad Settings -> Custom Font
    • T9 search settings -> Allows skip space


  1. Complete Arabic translation. Thank SAID KHAMIES AL-AAMRY!
  2. Fragment-based re-development UI
  3. Delete the Search tab, you can now use the Contacts tab to search
  4. Hide SMS in Remark long press menu, if it does not contain numbers
  5. Merge Contacts function compatible Samsung mobile phones
  6. Modify call time display position after hidden numbers
  7. Call filter: Mute then hang up to avoid a ring
  8. Improved support for the hidden numbers
  9. New options:
    • Contact Details -> Hide tab bar
    • Speak caller ID -> Speak Organization
    • Speak caller ID -> Repeat count
    • Speak caller ID -> Repeat interval
    • Call Statistics -> Free numbers manager


  1. “SMS sent successfully” reminds missing fault
  2. “Dial pad width” lost fault

Download the free version:


2 Replies to “DW Contacts & Phone released”

  1. In the new release-, under section 5- the phone now “automatically” dials after 10 seconds. So, if you select a name, it will start the countdown and then dial.

    How do I turn this OFF. I don’t want it to automatically dial, I want a confirmation screen after I select the contact. It was set up that way before.

    Please advise.

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